Are You Really Ready For A Baby?

by - 8/07/2018 08:20:00 PM

Having a baby is a huge responsibility and it can be the biggest job you take on in your whole life. As we grow into our twenties, the countdown seems to begin on when we should have a child and this can lead to us feeling pressured into having a little bundle of joy of our own.

You probably can’t move on Facebook for pregnancy announcements, and it can be a world away from the days when surgical abortion was a huge option for your friends if they couldn’t look after a child of their own quite yet. But the real question we have to ask ourselves is this: when are we ready to have a child? How can we know that we are in a place in our lives where a child will complete us? Well, there are a few signs that you are ready to have a baby of your own this year...

1. You enjoy being at home

One of the things which young people struggle with when thinking about children is the idea of having to give up the nights out and drinking for nights in front of the TV with a baby in your lap. However, you might have already grown out of going out drinking and you may already spend most of your weekend evenings sitting in front of the TV with your partner and a glass of wine. So really, what stopping you from adding another body into the room?

2. You have handled temper tantrums

If you have a baby in the family or your friend has a child, one of the things you need to think about is dealing with tantrums. Have you ever actually successful dealt with a temper tantrum from a child? They can be incredibly hard to deal with and you will be able to tell that you are ready for parenthood or not by the way that you deal with it. If you run for the hills at the first scream then you might still have some time to go, however, if you relaxing by having your own tantrum to distract them you need to really consider having a baby of your own.

3. You enjoy quiet evenings

If you don’t mind being in the house at the weekend enjoying a glass of wine while you have a face mask, then you might be the perfect candidate for a baby. For those of you who need to be out with friends every weekend, it might be a huge adjustment to have a baby and this might not be the ideal time for you to have a little bundle of joy of your own.

4. People have already seen your boobs

The funny thing is, that as you grow older you will have likely shown your boobs to many different people in your friendship group. Whether it is asking if they are lopsided, eating help putting on your bra or anything else, there will come a time when pretty much all of your friends have seen your boobs. At this point, you no longer need to worry about having to breastfeed in front of your friends and this can make you ready for the challenge of a child.

5. You are happy to share

There are many people in this world who won’t offer up the lady cookie, and you will likely have been one of them for a long period of your life. However, if you reach a stage where you share everything with your partner and your friends, this is a great sign that you are ready to be a parent. When you have a child you are very unlikely to ever be able to eat anything for yourself anymore!

6. Bodily fluid doesn’t freak you out

No one wants to be wiping up sick and worrying about fluid from all ends, however, it is a sad fact that you will have to deal with lots of different fluids when you have a child. If you are perfectly okay with cleaning up sick and other fluids, and you have already done this with a pet, then you are likely going to be just fine having a child of your own.

7. You always notice babies

There will come a certain time in your life where people disappear and all you will be able to see is babies. Babies are incredibly cute, and you will likely start to notice every single baby in the vicinity. If you can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing babies, you might be in the right place mentally to have a lovely baby of your own.

8. You aren’t stressed

The most important thing you need to think about when having a baby is the lack of sleep you will suffer with for the first few months of being a parent. If you are going to be subjecting yourself to sleepless nights and stress, you need to make sure that you are ok being up at different times of the night and you can also think about low-stress levels. If you are in a low stress place in your life right now and you are tired, you are in a good place to have a baby.

9. You pick at leftovers

A lot of the time children are fussy eaters, and you will notice that your child will likely leave things like crusts on their plate at the end of a meal. If you are already the kind of person who picks at your partner's crusts when they have eaten, you can be the perfect candidate for a parent because a lot of the good you eat will be crusts anyway.

10. You have a machine washable everything

When you have a child, no fabric in your Home will be safe. It is crucial that you have machine-washable clothes and also that you have wooden floors or a great carpet cleaner. There will likely be mud, sick and lots of other stuff all over the house when you have a baby so make sure you are ready to clean it all up!

11. You can function on less sleep

Sleep is a commodity which a lot of us don’t get enough of, and if you want to have a baby you will likely not be getting much sleep for a long time. If you are the sort of person who can stay up until midnight and be up at 6 am for work the next day, you are likely a great candidate to be a parent because this is as much sleep as you are likely to get.

12. No white walls

If you have a modern home you will likely have thought about painting the walls white and keeping your design looking fresh and minimal. However, white and babies don’t mix, so unless you want your walls to end up covered in colours and scuffs, you are much better off painting your home a bold colour or a warm one. You can also forget those dainty white cushions because they won’t stay that way for long!

13. You enjoy watching baby programs

Whether it’s sitting in bed when you are sick and watching the Teletubbies or catching the latest cartoon films when they come on at Christmas, you will likely be the perfect candidate for a parent if you are the sort of person who genuinely loved watching kids TV. It will be likely the only thing you hear and see on the TV during the day so you had better get used to liking it!

14. You spot silly parenting mistakes

The true sign that you are ready to have a child of your own is the fact that you are able to look at other people with their babies and you can see the mistakes that they are making with ha doing them or interacting with them. If you think you could do better and you can spot what a baby wants, you are sure to be an amazing parent when you do finally get pregnant.

15. You want to be pregnant

This one is the obvious one, but it is also one which will really show you how much you want a child. If you are a few days late with your period and you immediately go out to get yourself some pregnancy tests, you likely are ready for parenthood. You might take the test and sit hoping for a positive result, and if you do, you will know that now is the right time for you to get pregnant and have a child.

A child is a big job but it can also be the best thing that ever happens in your life. Having a baby is amazing and they will be the most amazing little bundle of joy. Sure, it will be hard, but when you know that you want this and you are happy to put in the work it can be the greatest gift of all.

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