5 Best Water Boots for Riding Your PWC

by - 3/24/2019 12:09:00 PM

A personal watercraft (PWC), also called water scooter is a recreational watercraft that the rider sits or stands on, rather than inside of, as in a boat. PWCs have two style categories, first and most popular being a runabout or "sit down" where the rider uses the watercraft mainly sitting down, and the watercraft typically holds two or more people. The second style is a "stand-up", where the rider uses the watercraft standing up. The stand-up styles are built for one rider and are used more for doing tricks, racing, and use in competitions.

Personal Water Craft are relatively inexpensive ways to go fast and enjoy life on the water. Here are some basic tips on how to remain safe on waterways.

1.  Take a course
2.  Wear a helmet
3.  Wear water boots.  Shop for the best water boots, PWC accessories, and motorcycle shoes at Bike Bandit for a wide range of choices at affordable prices.
4. Make sure you know swimming or ‘doggie paddle’
5. Check the weather before heading out

Although riding barefoot is fun, no one likes getting their toes injured while in the water. Thus, for your safety, always wear water boots before you head out to the water in your PWC. The following are the 5 best water boots for riding your PWC:

1.  Barefoot water shoes – these are thin and provide a ‘barefoot’ feel.

2. Slippery Liquid Race Boot – these water boots from Bike Bandit are molded outsole and provide superior traction, support, and stability that can’t be found in lightweight soles.

3. Jettribe Dual Ride Boots – these have been designed with tolerant water materials as mesh panels to help drain water quickly. They provide arch and lateral support to give comfort while making acrobatic tricks or just walking on the sand.

4.  Jettribe Rec R14 Ride Shoes – these water boots have been constructed for water sports to provide durability, comfort, and flexibility while riding or walking on the hot sand.

5. JetPilot Youth Hydra Shoes – these are designed for small feet. They are made of flex-lite neoprene and dura-mesh to drain water and keep your foot comfortable.

No one likes sun-burnt feet, getting cut by sharp rocks and jammed toes. Get your feet protected by proper water boots.  See more, click here, etc to get directed to Bike Bandit to shop for the best water boots when you ride your PWC. It’s well worth the investment to buy a good pair of PWC shoes that last.

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