Pull Your Pool Into Summer

by - 3/26/2019 07:48:00 PM

Let’s be honest; having a pool in your yard is pretty luxurious. We’re talking pool parties, morning dips, and a chance to keep the kids entertained every weekend. It doesn’t get much better for making the most of your outside space. The chances are that you’ve missed the opportunity to swim during these long winter months.

Now, though, the sun is starting to shine, and we’re seeing blue skies again. You’ve already gotten your yard in check, but you have yet to turn your attention to your pool. Already, you can feel the water on your skin, and the chlorine in your hair. Sadly, the thought of tackling a pool which has been stagnant all winter gives you a headache. As such, you’ve been putting it off and putting off.

But, it’s past time you got around to this. It needn’t even be the mammoth task you’re imagining. All you need to do is take care of these essentials to pull your pool into summer.

Scrub the pool walls as soon as you can

Over the winter, scum and algae have a habit of building up and clinging to all four pool walls. That makes for a load of a mess, and a backbreaking cleanup. The trouble is that, if you don’t take care of this first, all your other efforts will go to waste. But, that’s only half the reason you should tackle this as soon as you can. It’s also important to clean those walls before the weather gets too hot. This an unpleasant task at any time of year, but I'd feel much worse with the sun scorching down on you. Next weekend, then, you may want to get around to digging out that pool brush and taking care of this.

Check your equipment

We all know that equipment is liable to break when it hasn’t been used or inspected for a while. The last thing you want is to turn your pump on ready for a day in the pool, only to hear it sputter and die. Even if your pump is okay, your filter could well be backed up with all that winter muck. Make sure these issues don’t hold you back by doing thorough checks on your equipment. Run your pump and test how it goes so that you know whether you need to call a company like Slater Pumps for repairs. Clear your filter and check that it’s doing its job. You may even want to test your pool heater while you’re at it.

Test your chemical levels

Once your water is looking clean and ready to go again, you also need to test those chemical levels. An imbalance here could lead to serious health issues for anyone who swims in your water. Make sure that doesn’t happen by testing pH, chlorine levels, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. A simple test can let you know whether you need to top up or water down. Then, you can slip into your swimming costume at last.

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