The Important Areas You Should Stage In Your Home

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Whether you are selling your home or are just trying to make it look the best it can be it’s important to understand the things you can do to stage your home. It’s not as simple as just whacking everything in,   adding or moving things until you get it right. There is a method behind the madness.
Have a look at some of the things you can do to stage your home and make the most of your space:
Outside Space
This is first on the list because at the end of the day it’s the first impression people get of your home. People tend to forget that their outside spaces are part of their home and that they need just as much love and attention. Some of the areas to focus on include:
  • Front Door- This should be a strong focal point to any home especially if you’re going to sell, buyers come face to face with your door. You should consider painting in a sensible colour like black, blue or white, polish the handles and knobs and replace if they need it and make sure that doorbells are working.
  • Exterior- It’s a good idea to keep on top of the maintenance of the exterior of your home by sanding and repainting any peeling paintwork, repaint the whole exterior to keep it looking clean, repair broken tiles and keep guttering clear.  
  • Garden- You can keep this looking good by simply mowing the lawn, removing weeds and dead plants and keeping edges neat. Don’t forget to rake any leaves.  
  • Clutter-  Keep your garden clutter free, make sure you have plenty of storage to hide things like tools and children's toys when they’re not being used.
  • Boundaries- Make sure you’re on top of your fences, walls, gates and railing that show the boundary of your property. It’s good to be in a good working practice of repainting, treating and repairing these areas as if they are left, they can be very costly to replace.
Having a well-presented hallway can really set the feel of a home. It’s where anyone entering gets their first and last impression of the interior of your property, so getting it right is important. Turn your entrance hall into a welcoming, well-ordered space with these simple tips:
  • Clear The Clutter- It’s very easy to fill your hallways with essential items like coats, shoes, umbrellas, amongst others like bikes and piles of mail, try finding a place hidden away for them to make your hallway look more welcoming. You should bear in mind that a hallway should be easy to move through so if this isn't the case it’s time think about what you can move to create the free-flowing space.
  • Brighten It Up - You will probably find that most hallways lack light as their only source is the door. Try keeping the colours neutral and add featured ceiling lights with large mirrors to help create a light and airy space. If you're still struggling, try leaving some doors that lead on the hall open to let in more light.
  • Add Features- By this we mean that you should be thinking about the finishing touches. Add a sturdy doormat that people can wipes their muddy feet on, cover exposed radiators and add some tasteful potted plants to add personality and a touch of colour.
Although your hallway isn’t the most important area of your home it’s not one to forget about. Afterall it does give a lasting impression. The main job of the hallway is the set the tone for the rest of the house so just keep this in mind.
After thinking about your hallway it’s time to think about the rest of the interior. The best way to stage your home and make it flow and feel welcoming is to set some sort of theme. Now, this is saying that you should have every room exactly the same however by sticking to similar colours and moods throughout can help to make your home feel like a show home. It’s a good idea if you have any extensions, annexes or Granny Flats added to also finish these in the same theme. Some top things to consider should be:
  • Flooring- Now your probably not going to want to have matching flooring all through your home, especially if you have children as they will most likely want to have a cloured carpet of some kind however by having the same flooring such as hardwood run throughout any adjoining floors you are creating a seamless and flowing atmosphere to your home. Not to mention floor care becomes easier when you don't have to treat different areas individually.
  • Clutter- Just like the hallway it’s a good idea to try and keep a clutter-free living space, this means making sure you make use of storage to clear away items such as children's toys, paperwork, souvenirs, magazines, washing, throws, shoes, and all the rest.
  • Keep it Neutral- One of the best things you can do to stage your home is to create neutral walls as a blank canvas, it’s not only brilliant for you being able to change colour schemes with just accessories it helps to create a vision for if you ever wanted to sell. Buyer can more easily see what their belongs would look like if you offer a blanket canvas for them to work with.
  • Furniture- With furniture, less is more, you should try to get the right balance between the number of people living in the home and the pieces of furniture you have. Make sure you only have the number of seats for each person and a few guests in your home and although storage is essential try not to buy too many bulky items that take up tonnes of space. If you’re feeling cluttered with furniture try removing anything that hasn’t been used in 12 months and sees how you feel after.

Do you have any other tips for the important areas to stage in your home? Please share them in the comments section below.

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