Why We All Need A Solid Living Situation

by - 6/10/2019 01:07:00 PM

One of the most basic levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is the ability to feel sheltered and secure. Before we can actualize ourselves, we need that sense of having some kind of firm grounding to stand on. Of course, you might debate that nomads have always moved throughout life, and that’s true, but often safety in numbers and the ‘settling in’ benefits still apply there.

We all need a solid living situation. That means we need a solid home. That means we need to do our best to arrange that space for ourselves. If you can do that, you will have a much better time of things, and potentially overcome the issues you’re experiencing in other areas of your life. If you feel like things aren’t quite right and you have trouble isolating the source, consider our advice and see if it helps. You never know just how appropriate it could be to your situation unless you open your heart to change:

The Progression Of Life

When we always feel as though our baseline needed are up in the air, we can forget to build a life in the way we deem fit. For example, consider how many young professionals live. They might choose a house share from place to place, or switch up their tenancies every year. If that happens, then they won’t exactly invest in renovating or feeling more at home through building bookshelves, displays, and the smaller items that are associated with the long-term stay. In other words, without a solid living situation, it can be hard to find our natural root stability.

This isn’t to say that you cannot live a healthy or capable life if you do not live somewhere for ten years at a time. But even in our young professional days, it can be best to find somewhere you can rely on as your home for a small amount of time or to consider your investments and how you might carry your belongings with you. This way, you can feel a sense of growth and expansion as you move from month to month in your personal life. It’s quite amazing how it’s the silly belongings and small memories we foster that can help us view the milestones in our lives, and you need some form of stability to appreciate that well.

We All Have Different Needs

One person might feel completely at home in one living situation. For example, it might be that many young people find a sense of true love and freedom acting as an Au Pair for a family in need with help for their children. However, some might find this restrictive, despite the room and board offered for a live-in job. Some might need a property that caters to disability access. Some might wish to live in a town with a higher demographic of people within their own cultural space. It might be that some invest in a truly custom solution, such as granny flats and studio spaces for retirement or artistic pursuit respectively (although there are no reasons why those two cannot merge and become applied together.

It’s important to understand that one solid living situation might seem like being up in the air to another. For that reason, it’s important to consider yourself, to understand your preferences, to know what you would like to preserve when moving from property to property - or the ethos you can bring with you. This might expertly help you arrange your solid living situation to a much higher degree than you are used to. If you can do this, you’d be surprised just how powerful and how much improved your situation can become.

Our Social Connections

No man is an island. This simple phrase can be applied to many things in our life. Even if we find that we prefer living an introvert's lifestyle, it can often be that even the smallest of social contact helps us feel much better, much more alive and present in ourselves. It can also help reduce stress, and more connected to our local area. For that reason, it’s important to consider how your social connections are fairing in the local area. Are you getting involved with certain meetups via hobbies you are interested in? Do you enjoy your working relationships, or do you feel they are forced? Might it be that putting on your own event could help you meet people and also give more the chance to open up and feel comfortable with your presence, later leading to friendship? Do you try to enter the dating scene, or are you perhaps happy to let that happen naturally?

No matter how you answered these questions, one thing is clear - you need other people in your life, and you need to be in there’s. But of course, finding those who will contribute to a solid living situation isn’t always easy. For the most part, we would recommend only approving of those who have a positive outlook on life, as their perspective can slowly become your own, and yours theirs. It’s much easier to absorb negativity, so be sure to consider that.

After all, our living situation isn’t only where we live and how many bedrooms our house has, but also how we feel internally, what our beliefs are, and how kind we are to ourselves and others. If you can ensure that you care for that, then you can find yourself feeling much more secure and comfortable in everyday life.

Protecting Yourself

It’s often freeing to remember just how much responsibility you have to yourself as an adult. For the most part, no one will be watching over you, nor will have everything at your beck and call. This means in manners of property, in your career, in your health, you will often have to care for yourself and exercise wisdom ahead of time. If you can do this, you can feel much more secure and actualized in your adult years.

With these tips, we hope you’re better able to find a healthy personal situation you deserve.

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