Top Kitchen Design Styles: Tips, Ideas & Options

by - 9/18/2019 11:17:00 PM

The trends in kitchen design have made dramatic changes this year, taking a new direction in both form and function. As more homeowners embrace open concept living, they want their kitchens to be that gathering place for friends and family, with warm, comfortable, easy spaces to prepare food and entertain. Kitchen interior design allows for some bold choices as well as simplicity to reflect your taste and needs. Here are some of the top tips and inspired ideas for updating the look and feel of your kitchen.

The Dark Side

While white was the height of fashion for the past few years, cabinetry is shifting to a more sophisticated, luxurious look, with dark matte paint or wood stain. Black cabinets, especially with gold hardware, is also taking off, giving an elegant, glamorous feeling to your space. Paired with lots of natural lighting and an open floorplan, the darker finishes work well for a neo-retro feel.

Make It Minimal

While modern, clean lines are nothing new, today’s kitchens take it to another level. An interior design firm Los Angeles may recommend foregoing your hard-to-reach top cabinets for open shelving to display the essentials. You may also want to say goodbye to your pot rack and pare down your countertop appliances and clutter for a simpler feel.

Use Your Smarts

Technology continues to reign supreme in today’s kitchens. From refrigerators that can keep track of your grocery list to hands-free faucet sensors to turn on automatically, your kitchen can work smarter so that you don’t have to work harder.

Custom Countertops

The granite of the past ten years has given way to quartz, which is easy to maintain as well as stylish. Other materials are also making waves, including wood and concrete, for practicality and durability. Any of these counters can give you a more custom look that is anything but cookie-cutter.

Floors With a Flourish

Hardwood floors aren’t going out of style, but they do have some major competition. Ceramic tiles are making a comeback, but the real style trend that is taking off is statement floors, bold patterns that have both a contemporary and vintage feel. Talk to an interior designer Palm Desert, Hollywood, or Santa Monica to see what options exist in tiling to grab your attention.

Up to the Ceiling

Backsplashes used to be just that: a section of material on a wall to catch either the splash of water from a sink or cooking spills behind a stove. Nowadays, backsplashes are another way to express your individuality, and the current trend of tiling to the ceiling takes this practical design to new heights. Don’t expect to see these high-rise backsplashes in subway tile either; sleek, neutral tiles or different patterns can take a backsplash and make it into an accent wall or focal point in the room.
Don’t be afraid to try one or more of these trends when you update your kitchen design. By working with an interior designer, you can get a better sense of how your room can function and blend with the style you want to achieve.

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