Rave Outfits That Make a Statement: DIY Fashion

by - 9/30/2019 08:39:00 PM

If you like large crowds and flashy clothes, dancing all night and loud music, you'll love a rave. A rave is a huge dance party, usually held in large warehouses or underground venues. The clothes are a big part of the rave experience.

Here are some ideas for the best, most outrageous party looks.

Head Gear and Accessories

You will see some unique head gear at a rave. Girls have a number of different headbands decorated with such things as animal ears, bows, spikes and pom-poms that light up and blink.

Hoods that are made from shimmering, glittering, and sparkling fabrics in bright colors. Every move changes the look.

Guys can wear LED sunglasses, headbands with flashing lights, hoodies that make a statement, to name a few


Gals can layer outfits starting with a crazy tank or dress covered by a long, sheer, shimmery top. A brightly colored leotard covered by a beaded fringe cover-up is another choice. Wings are also an awesome addition to any look.

Dudes can show off arc-reactor shirts that can be purchased online. Again, bright colors and patterns are a must have. Tank tops are also popular for the guys. Embellish with glow in the dark fabric paint or tape.


Girls leg options include skirts, short-shorts, pants, jumpsuits. You can decorate with colorful Washi tape in interesting patterns such as zigzag, stripes or squares. Keep it simple yet unique. You could also tie some colorful ribbons on your skirt that will swing and shimmer when you move.

For the guys, it's time to scrap the jeans. Outrageously designed joggers are more suited for the rave party. The brighter the better. Or you could try some of the wildly colorful shorts that are available for purchase or take a pair of your own shorts and get crazy with paint or LED light strips.


Yes, there are even items to use on your hands. One of the coolest pieces are the gloves that flash to the beat of the music. A group of people wearing these gloves and other blinking accessories makes the rave festival an awesome light show.


Last but certainly least are the feet. They actually sell plasma LED shoes specifically made for rave events. Girls can take a pair of sandals and embellish with rhinestones and glitter.

Rave clothes are only limited by your imagination. So get some old clothes and go crazy fashioning them for that rave festival that's coming. Or if you aren't crafty, you can go to multiple websites and find just about anything for a rave night out.

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