How Each Person On This Planet Can Help In The Climate Crisis

by - 10/10/2019 05:38:00 PM

Image Credit License CC0The environment is a significant concern. The news is filled with stories about the climate crisis, and we all inevitably need to make changes within our daily lives immediately. We only get one planet, and although there are seven billion of us on this planet, we all need to take responsibility for our own individual actions.
But you may just see yourself as one person out of seven billion, and you may ask yourself what difference you can make on your own. But, the more of us on the planet that are continually asking this same question, the more chance we will have at making a difference and turning the tide of the climate crisis.
Many of the changes that you can make will be minor and may come down to making different decisions as a consumer. They might involve a small sacrifice in your time, or a fundamental change that once established will have little effect on your life. There are of course much more significant changes that you can make too
Stop Wasting Water
Wasting water can have a detrimental effect on the environment. We all need water to survive, but at the rate that society is using it, experts believe that by 2025, 1.8 billion people on this planet will live in areas affected by severe freshwater shortages. You may look around and assume that because the world has a two-thirds ocean, that it won’t run out of water anytime soon. Fresh, drinkable water accounts for a small fraction of just one per cent of the total in the world.
Having water tanks fitted can be a great way to catch rainwater. If you have are someone who uses water for your garden, or even if you are a farmer, having the means of capturing and recycling rainwater can help to reduce the amount that you are using.
Think about how much water you use for bathing or showering. Showers use less water, and if you spend less time in there, it can be reduced even further. If you are in the habit of leaving taps on while you brush your teeth, try to stop doing this.
Conserve Energy
Many of the major energy suppliers still burn coal to produce power. This creates a considerable amount of C02, which goes into the atmosphere. But there are much cleaner energy options available, and you don’t need to wait for your energy supplier to come on board with a more environmentally effective solution.
You can choose to vote with your feet. Leave your current supplier because their power is contributing to the climate crisis. There are plenty of newer companies starting up that have the means to produce renewable energy that we can all enjoy the benefits of. Many companies will manage every aspect of your switch over, so there is no real reason to keep putting it off.
Another option to enjoy clean energy would be to get your own solar panels fitted on your roof. This will help you to produce much of the power that your home needs meaning that not only will your energy bills be lower, but you will also become self-sustainable and more environmentally friendly.
There are little things that you can also do, such as turning off the lights when you are not in a room. Unplugging your electrical items when you are not using them will also help.
Reduce The Amount Of Meat And Dairy That You Eat
A UN climate report along with the findings of several environmental scientists have advocated for a reduction in meat and dairy production. The animal agriculture industry is one of the most significant pollutants on the planet, and if everyone cut down on the amount of meat and dairy that they consumed, or even stop altogether, it could have a massively beneficial impact on the environment.
Animals need several things to be kept alive. They need food, water, and space. As the human population grows rapidly, so does our appetite. Added to that, the shift in consumer attitudes toward meat, and we are now consuming record amounts. This means that more crops need to be grown to feed the animals, and this often means deforestation. Removing swathes of woodland will have a terrible effect as trees help to turn C02 back into oxygen. We need them to keep our balanced ecosystem in order. The overuse of water in farming animals is also an issue. The amount of water that goes into producing one single hamburger, for example, is enough for you to have a bath each day for a month.
Adopting more of a plant-based diet will greatly help to minimize your impact on the environment. As more and more people adopt this lifestyle, stores and restaurants alike, are waking up to the demand for meat and dairy-free alternatives. There have never been so many readily available and tasty plant-based options available as there are right now.
Change Your Driving Habits
Another major factor in our carbon footprint is transport. While it is unavoidable and also important that we can travel around as we need to, there are ways that we can make choices that will help to reduce our own impact on the health of the planet.
If you are buying a new car anytime soon, consider getting an electric or hybrid car. If this is not an option for you, opt for a smaller, and more environmentally friendly model that has lower emissions.
If you only need to make a short journey, ask yourself if you can walk it. If you drive to work each day, is there anyone else that you know that drives the same way as you? You could start a car share. If you live close enough to cycle, see if your employer has a cycle to work scheme. You may get help with buying a bike. Think about taking public transport too to minimize the number of cars that are on the road.

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