Lime Ricki: fab swim wear for everyone!

by - 10/23/2021 06:35:00 AM

Before we get busy with the upcoming holidays, we all know that after Christmas, we will be preparing for the summer break. And ladies, it’s that time again! Time to think about swimwear. 

As women, we often receive comments about our bodies like slim down, find the right shape for your body, fat, chubby, too thin and the dreaded, summer beach body. Well, I found an online swimwear shop that has it all from regular to plus sizes. 

I found Lime Ricki, an online shop that lets you say goodbye to rules about what we can and can't wear and empower ourselves to accept our bodies, embrace our imperfections and recognize there is no such thing as finding the right body—because you already have it. 

Lime Ricki modest swimwear are actually designed by three sisters. These women after a frustrating swimsuit shopping experience, they then decided to make and design swimsuits they wanted to see and to wear. Lime Ricki aims to provide swim wears in all sizes, choices and modest swimwear.
What I like about Lime Ricki is that they have a wide range of stylish swimsuits that compliments you no matter what your shape or size is. Also, their swimwear is made of quality fabric that guarantees comfort when wearing it. 

Some things you want to know about Lime Ricki:

1. They are an all-women company---owned, operated and run by a smart, talented and compassionate team of women who think designing and selling swimsuits is pretty awesome.

2. They NEVER airbrush or photoshop our models. They are just right the way they are. (And so are you!)

3. Every order they receive is hand-picked by an actual person in their warehouse in Salt Lake City. And each package is shipped off to you with gratitude and love. 

4. Starting in 2018, all of the swimsuits are sewn in the USA, in a responsible factory in Los Angeles, because quality matters to us. 

5. Lime Ricki believe in giving back. You can feel good about your purchase, knowing that a portion of all sales goes to charity. 

Know that I've introduced you to Lime Ricki, I hope you also visit their website and take a look around their fabulous collections. Add to cart your favorite pieces and see for yourselves why I love Lime Ricki!

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