arrgghhh.. i can't sleep!!!

by - 2/11/2006 01:18:00 PM

omg, 1st week of client specs has passed. i haven' t learn anything.. Image until now my body clock still can't adjust to my work schedule.. im really having a hard time getting some sleep during the day.. wahhh!  Image lagi nlng me nakatitig sa pc ko when my trainer is discussing.. wala pumapasok sa utak.. huhuhu.this coming week will be our last week for clinet specs. after that phone lab na kami for 3 weeks. grabe tlaga. tpus wala pa rin ako naabsorb. kakalokoa tlga. lagi lang ako food trip eh. masaya tong week na to.. as in. kukulit tlga ng mga ka-batch ko sa training. Image hahahaha. niwei, how i wish me masagot ako sa assessment namin on monday.. gud luck nlng sa amin pag nagswitch kami ng sched sa thurs ng 5pm to 2am.. sabog na naman ako nun.. kape kape kape! Image sinundo ako ng bf ko nung thurs morning we just had breakfast then ayun hiwalay na agad. aw. miss ko na yung taong yun.. ay, naku! Image asar lang. hehe. hmm.. anu pa ba? oh! 1 week and 2 days na lang, pay day na! i just hope i will be able to get my pay.. dami ko na ata pinagkakautangan.. hehe. Image need ko na magbayad. hays. wala na ako maicip.. should i tell it here na i've also been busy playing space impact on my phone just to get the high scores.. ngayon nasa 15685 plang un high score ko.. Image by the way, i got this text message from a friend.. its actually a quote, ganda nya super.. here goes..

"Love is not the only reason why a relationship stands for years or until forever.. We might think that love holds the relationship.. but what if you love too much and forget that Love also can weaken or worst, destroy a relationship.. I just realized that Love isn't enough.. The secret of having a strong, lasting relationship is to trust the one you love and to accept his/her weaknesses or mistakes.. It's not how many times you have forgiven, but how you shown understanding.."

Aww... ang sad naman non! Image

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