grrh! phone lab na kmi!

by - 2/25/2006 03:50:00 AM

client specifics has passed already.. so far i have learned nothing.. haha. Image joke lang. i'm trying to absorb any information na alam kong makakatulong sakin.. pero wala pumapasok.. haha. its our 4th day for 4 hours phone lab. kakainis tlga. 2am to 11am ang pasok ko. Image haggard na talaga ako. to think, i have to ride a cab just to get here in the office. grrhh! ang sweldo ko nauubus na! Image haha. naku, speaking of salary.. i was forced to take the pre-employment medical exam. with the help of my mom na nagpautang (hehe) ayun nagpamedical ako nung monday.. buti nlng in-accept din nila un personal copy ko ng nbi kya i was able to get my atm monday night. tuesday was our pay day.. hmmm ok lng nmn salary but i was absent that day ksi ansama sama tlga ng pakiramdam ko.. hahay. first day of calls was terrible.. Image d ko tlga alam gagawin ko. hehehe. yesterday, i think i improved na.. onti lang ha. sarap tlga ng sumasahod i get to buy/eat what i want. kaya SUPER MCDO! weee. i love cheeseburger! yummy. Image i checked my email and found out that there will be a job fair tomorrow til sat. i wish me and my bf could go there. mukhang he will be needing a new job.. weh! ako kasi eh.. huhu. last day na bukas.. Image yey. makakatulog na ako ulit ng husto! =) we have a party on feb 26 for ambergris employees lng. i was thinking of going to araneta kso ayaw nmn ako payagan.. hmmm bahala na cgro. next week we will be taking in calls for 6 hours.. i want a new schedule! i demand for it! hahaha. so far so good, i'm taking this as a challenge for me.. kaya ko to! i can't wait to get our salary bonus.. /gg. Image grrrhh!!! anu pa ba? hmmm, kakainis i can't access the net dito sa pc ko.. ayaw ng yahoo mail etc etc.. hmph! mag-calls na kmi in 11 minutes.. good luck to me! hahaha Image

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