4th week phone labs..

by - 3/15/2006 12:35:00 PM

omg.. Image our phone labs was extended. well, it was good news for me since I was absent last week for a couple of days.. Image but there was also bad news on the other hand.. Image i was given a warning with regards to my absences.. (such a bad ass.. Image) well, i need to improve by the end of the week which i think i am.. hehe.  last sunday, me and my bf watched "The Dark" which was pretty creepy.. there was even this girl who shouts every time there was a scary scene..  haha. well, i did hide my face from time to time.. Image also, I've heard that Ragnarok is 5x exp for 1 week and what happened was i had my character lvl 36 high acolyte level up and take advantage of the 5x.. hmmm pina-bot ko sya.. haha. last time ive heard my character is already a high priestess level 78 job 46.. hurray! pede na magsuot char ko ng elven!  Image sana my HP will be able to harvest lots of eluniums /gg para i can buy a +7 monk hat or upgrade some of the equipments.. (all of my items are +7 plang.. too bad!)  tagal tagal pa yun mag-99. well,im also planning na ipa-bot un sa bf ko.. 99 vit knight..  pede ko ipa-Lord Knight un kaso ala gamit kya im still thinking abt it pa.. oh the other week ata we've watched "Nasaan si Francis?" well, its a very simple story in my opinion.. ksi nasa isang location lng sha peru when it comes to punchlines.. ok sha sobrang nakakatawa.. kulit ng role ni rico blanco and kevin roy.. astegg!! Image hmm i got our salary bonus for 6k at eto ubos na ang pera ko.. i just hope may matira pa sa sahod ko ksi we badly needed some money by the 21st.. Image anyway, i have to go for now.. need to eat my brunch and go to sleep na.. still got work at 2am.. Image

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