week 5 for phone labs..

by - 3/25/2006 06:00:00 PM

POST AS OF : Monday, March 20

hmmm.. 5th week of our phone labs.. Image this week was a one helluva week. im just so frustrated right now and i' having a hard time coping up with the situation. i just hate my life.. and i definitely HATE oh, not HATE but i ABHOR Image this bitch.. by the name of.. LOLS. no need to post her name here. if only i can have my hands on her, i will definitely strangle her and get the air of out of body.. PARA MABURA NA SYA SA MUNDO! Image hehehe. i've never been this mad in my entire life. kainis! to think i still have another problem.. grrhh! tama na nga nagiinit n nmn ulo ko eh.. hehe. i really get pissed when i remember that bitch.

i've heard that there might be some chances that our phone labs would be extended.. AGAIN!
hehehe. we've verified it with one of trainers and he said that we need to have at least 6 CSAT
in order for us to graduate and go to production. also, our grades for phonelab, client spec was already posted. well, i got good grades.. thank goodness. Image except with my attendance. har har har! i really have to do my best in phonelabs so that i can still pass or else i'll be looking for my 4th call center na.. hahaha. hmm what else, i got my salary last 21st. like what i expected.. MALIIT sha.. ksi i had lots of absences.. kakainis. Image need to save some money para umabot to by next pay day.. i hope our schedule will be changed! bwisit ksi un sched namin 2 am to 11 am so kelangan ko lagi magtaxi on the way work.. arggghhh. Image asar!

i'm sleepy right now.. *yawn* Image but i'm so addicted to neopets lately.. haha. Image ubos n nga money ko dun e "Neopoints" money term sa neopets. kakaloka tlga. hehehe. lagi 6 to 7 hours lang sleep ko kaya laging sabog pag pumapasok ako.. hehehe. anyway, wala munang gimik for the next few days.. wala kasing pera.. Image hehehe. la lang. til my next blog na lang. ciao. Image

POST AS OF: Saturday, March 25

**one of my problems was resolved na.. yehey! Image news about extending our phone labs.. CONFIRMED! Image after my shift this morning, i went to a cafe and checked my account in Skyblade. Well, I found out that all of my loots were stolen and armors/weapons were the only things that was left.. THAT BIATCH! Image also, i've used the pachun tokens that was left on my account.. i bought three sets of medals since item mall is on sale.. wee. Image i also bought a drop/exp set so that i can level up my Ice Character and will be able to wear my Black Angel weapon.. Image what else.. hmmm i would like to check my High Priestess in Ragnarok.. I've heard there is a new NPC wherein you can play and GAMBLE.. i will be using the money that I've earned from the loots and cards that I've got and try to win OCAs. hehehe. Image i still dont have any sleep as of the moment.. and i will be looking forward for it later when i go home.. /gg. Image


9 Hardest Time of your Life

1.Being questioned when you yourself dont understand.
2. Pretending to be innocent of what you know about
3. Trying to forget something you know you never will.
4. Admitting you where wrong after you have been so insistent that you were right.
5. Debating with yourself
6. Accepting the fact that some things are not meant to be.
7. Trying to understand when you just can't
8. Realizing that you have been tricked after you've given your whole trust
9. Parting and letting go of someone you've loved all your life. Image

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