wow its already March!

by - 3/01/2006 11:02:00 AM

well its almost an hour since i got home.. i just ate my breakfast and now i'm busy downloading mp3s.. hehe. Image  day 7 of our phone lab was rough.. got a lot of issues which i had a hard time resolving it.. arggh. Image last night was also our cdaq which stands for Communication Development Assessment Queue.. not sure if i got it correct.. anyway, before i took cdaq i really don't know why i was trembling so bad that i can't talk straight... haha. Image i was having difficulty in making myself calm and confident with it.. well why wouldn't i trembling when we were not informed about it. damn! Image i messed up my cdaq to make it short.. haha. nawalan na ako ng time to plan sa gagawin ko.. kainis tlga un. by the way,  i got my company id na! yey! Image

pangit nun kuha.. pangit na nga ako, pangit pa ng kuha.. malas talaga. sakit na ng ulo ko.. i've been having sleep problems for 2 days na since umuwi na un  bf ko sa kanila.. hehe. me connection ba un? Image siguro dahil i was so attached to the book that i've been reading.. harry potter ba naman e.. hehehe. Image hay.. got to get some sleep.. me pasok pa mya.. arggh.. la na pla ako friendster.. haha. la lang. wala lang makwento.. Image

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