What Happens When A Woman Falls In Love?

by - 5/10/2006 03:35:00 PM

Guys can never imagine what goes on in the mind of a woman in love especially in the early part of a relationship when it's in the getting-to-know-you stage. Some might want to call it infatuation rather than actually falling in love.

Most women experience the same kind of madness at this stage. There's a feeling of wanting to see him, of wanting to
be with him and talk to him, and do just anything with him every minute of the day.
But despite this awful longing she would also like to hold back a little so it wouldn't be too obvious to the guy.
She wouldn't want it to appear that she is head over heels, as in patay na patay.
They say that Filipinos have become westernized but when it comes to courtship, our men would still want to
make the first move.

Perhaps this is the reason why some women appear to be playing hard to get. It is because men would react differently when the woman shows a little motive or gives in at the first sign that he likes her. In a way, this has trained women to act the way they do.

Although our society has changed in so many ways, most men still love to do the chasing.
Here's a common scenario: He's an officemate, she sees him from afar, and she knows they will bump into each other. Her
heart starts to beat faster and she fixes her hair with her fingers making sure every strand is in place. She runs her hand thru her clothes making a quick check if everything is in place. And once she's face to face with him she tries to greet him as
though he were just one of the guys, controlling the pitch of her voice so she doesn't sound so excited. But deep inside he! r heart is screaming "God! He's so cute!" <--ahem ahem ahem.. bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan, kawawa naman.. :p~~

A woman's thoughts are filled with the man she fancies. She sees him everywhere and in anything she does.
She goes to a cyber café and notices a guy wearing exactly the same shirt as that of her man and she tells herself he looks better in them. In the parking lot, she spots a car that's somewhat similar to his and first thing she does is take a look at the plate number, the heck it there are dozens of the same model and color! It could be him!

From the railing of a mall she sees a bald man walking to the opposite direction and she follows him only to find out it
wasn't her bald sweety after all. And again, what the heck if there are a hundred shaved heads strolling the mall! It could be him!

And yes, text! Text has been a part of our daily existence and it has bridged the distance between people just like what the popular slogan says "connecting people".

Take a look at this: It's ten in the morning and he still hasn't sent her a good morning text. She's about to send him one but she stops and pauses for a while before hitting that send button. It's been two days that she was the first to send him a message so she tries to wait for a while.

Hours pass by and still no text from him. Her friends are wondering why she seems to be in a cranky mood and
she tells them she's not feeling well. All of a sudden she hears a beep and alleluia! It's him! Her mood changes abruptly and she laughs at the corniest joke. And instead of sending him another forwarded message, she sends him a "hi! wazzup?" hoping to start a conversation. Five minutes pass and she gets no reply.

She's back in her cranky mood.
Sometimes I wonder if men go thru the same maddening feeling and if the guys are sensitive enough to be aware of it no matter how discreet we try to hide our feelings. Falling in love gives a natural high that makes us look
and feel pretty from the moment we open our eyes.
And despite the pain and frustration that come with it, we're always more than willing to give it another try. Most of the time, we don't even need to make a decision of loving again, it just happens! .

So guys, dont u dare play with our feelings

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