5 Beginner Tips To Mountain Biking

by - 9/23/2018 09:37:00 PM

Mountain biking is a fun adventurous sport for anyone who loves cycling. It is an experience that is unique in nature. You get to enjoy the scenery around you, to work on your concentration as you maneuver through the trail, and to flex your muscles as you cycle your bike. This makes this sport both fun and beneficial to your health as well.

Are considering trying out this sport for the first time? If yes then here are 5 beginner tips to mountain biking:

1.    Keep Fit
Mountain biking is an activity that requires you to use up a lot of energy and it keeps your whole body engaged. You may find yourself panting when you take up the first biking session. This is common and shouldn’t deter you from doing it again.

You can start off by going for shorter rides which your body can be able to handle and then grow progressively to longer rides at longer time intervals to improve on your strength and stamina. Try and implement a workout strategy that will tune your muscles to handle those rough trails and you’ll be good at it in no time.

2.    Choose A Trail
The trail you choose will determine greatly the experience you have when mountain biking. Ensure that you settle for a trail that your skill level can be able to handle otherwise you will end up walking your bike on the trail more than riding it.

As a beginner to mountain biking, it is best that you go for a trail that has good clear signage on it. It is also advisable to bike with other people to avoid getting lost on the trail and to help you out in the event that something bad happens.

3.    Carry A Map
Trails can be quite confusing for a mountain biking beginner even with the presence of signage. You can easily get lost and have a hard time tracing your way back. A map will come in handy to guide you appropriately.
Request for a map from people who are familiar with the trail. There are apps with trail maps that you can download on your phone and use. Don’t bike without a map as a beginner.

4.    Carry Some Much Needed Supplies
There are supplies that you should ensure you carry with you when mountain biking. Some of these include a first aid kit, an extra tube, a multi-tool, and a small pump. These will come in handy along the way if you encounter a problem.

5.    Get The Right Gear
It is normal to get a few bruises and stings here and there when you start off on mountain biking and this shouldn’t discourage you from hitting the trail again. But what is more important is investing in the right gear to keep yourself protected the entire time.

Get some elbow and knee pads, padded shorts, gloves, weather friendly clothes, a helmet, a water bottle, a backpack, and biking glasses. These will ensure that you are well protected.

Another important accessory to add here is bike grips which will allow you to have a smooth and less fatigued mountain biking experience. They are extremely important. You can’t do without them.

There is a variety of these available in the market and it can be a bit confusing deciding which ones to go for. Here is a detailed review of the top mtb grips that you can buy.

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