The Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts of 2018

by - 9/17/2018 03:20:00 PM

Mothers are not an exception when it comes to giving gifts at a baby shower. Take note of the current season and buy outfits that suit the season. Baby shower gifts are now trending and remember infants need their own items because their immune system is usually lower than that of adults. Therefore before buying a gift consider the impact on the baby.

Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts in 2018

1. Maternity Pads

Remember to gift her with maternity pads that are super comfortable. Hospitals provide them but you can get her a brand that is more comfortable. Postpartum bleeding can be very heavy more than the more menstruation periods. What some hospitals provide may not be enough, therefore, it is important she has some just in case they are not enough.

2. Newborn Outfit

This is the most common gift ever bought. It is advisable to buy enough or just a few baby outfits. This is because you will find others have bought and mothers buy them too even before delivery. Some new mothers have claimed that they appreciate the outfits clothes bought but newborns outgrow them even before they wear all of them.

Avoid buying clothes that have hoods or collar necks which will make the baby keep on searching for tits to breastfeed on. Socks at this moment are not important because they will only keep falling off.

3. Receiving Blankets

They are important for the new born baby to keep warm. The blankets not only come with some warm but also with some joy to the mother. They are also long term because the baby can use it even in the future years. When buying, consider the material of the blanket and ensure it is gentle on the baby and also warm.

Children’s skins are usually very sensitive. Cotton is the best and the baby can also breathe through it. Babies can tangle their necks on blankets with ribbons; loose tassels thus, keep in mind the safety of the baby.

4. Grooming Set

The set has items specifically designed for the baby. Some of the items you can find in the kit depending on a brand include; thermometer, toothbrush, nail cutter/trimmer, nasal aspirator, teether, massage gummer, hair comb, emergency kit and many more.

Proper tools should be used by the mother need to care for her young one. Another good thing is that it comes with storage bags that can be used to keep the baby’s items especially if the mother is always on the go.

5. Gift Card

Have you been invited to a baby shower and you have no idea of what to get the mother? A gift card for both the mother can save the day for you. Some people get invited when they do not have enough money to get a gift at the baby shower.

Therefore, it is a personal choice to combine the card with something else such as food. The food can be composed of only fruits, nicely packed in a small basket and the card on it to accessorize it more.

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