A Gap Year Is Great For Your Career… Really!

by - 7/22/2019 10:41:00 PM

We’ve all been there when work feels as if it’s too much. The idea of dropping it like a bad habit is amazing yet unrealistic at the same time. There are bills to pay and promotions to secure, so you have to grind it out for the foreseeable future. If only you could take a break – that would be amazing.

Although it seems like a wrong move, a gap year is a useful tool when used correctly. In fact, it can boost your prospects and make you a better employee, and here’s why.

Time For Further Education 

Employers love workers that have the qualifications as well as the hands-on experience. To them, they are the perfect candidate for the job; however, there’s a problem. Trying to find the time to improve yourself through a further education course is tough as there isn’t enough time. And, it isn’t as if your boss will give you the afternoon off to study. Without a job and with the help of Rutgers University, you can continue your learning without fear of burning out. When it comes time to apply for new roles, a master’s degree or Ph.D. will stand out like a sore thumb.

Foreign Work Opportunities

Sometimes, the job market in your home town or city isn’t healthy. Since the Housing Crash of 2008 and the recession that followed, the country might still be in a bad way if these CBPP stats are right. Of course, not every nation is the same as some recover quicker and more effectively than others. If you travel through one of these places, you should get the opportunity to work abroad. Not only is it a fantastic way to network, but it strengthens your resume with added experience. Who knows? You might find the lifestyle is too good to turn down and accept a full-time job.

Contact Building

Traveling is a personal thing and everyone experiences it differently. But, if there is one constant, it’s the ability to meet new people. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you will socialize with strangers and make new friends. The amount of times these people work in the same industry is uncanny, and you can use it to your advantage. By teaming up to create a project together, you can enhance your portfolio to show off to clients and employers. Plus, you can always ask a favor. Of course, you’ll have to return it, too.


It’s a cliché, but traveling does broaden your horizons. From a career point of view, it should help you decide whether your current path is the right one. Too often, people fall into jobs they dislike yet persevere with due to money or a lack of confidence. Taking a step back from the corporate world will open your eyes; plus, it will make the prospect of change less scary. If you can go all around the globe on your own for a year, you can go back to school or hand in a letter of resignation.

So, are you ready to go on a gap year for the sake of your career?

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