Starting the School Year Out Organized

by - 7/30/2019 10:44:00 AM

Do weekday's mornings always seem like a race against the clock for you? Preparation and organization are the key things to all parents and kids morning sanity. Getting organized can make your life as a parent and that of your kid easier. So, summer is coming to a close meaning that back to school time is approaching. The school year comes with so much stress and responsibilities for parents. But that should not be the case. You can start the school year out organized by following these tips:

Establish a Daily Routine
Creating a regular daily routine and sticking to it will help your child learn what to expect and do right from morning to evening. Having a household schedule will determine when your kids shower, eat, do their homework, complete other house chores, and know when it’s bedtime. A good idea is using a picture schedule and a clock for better time management skills.

Make Checklists and To-Do Lists
Creating a to-do list and referring to it will help your kid organize their time. A to-do list can be as simple as what to carry to class or things to do before bed. Teach your child how to use checklists and post their assignments and house chores there. Upon completion of a task, they should mark it. This will make your child feel a sense of achievement. You can buy a notebook or a small pad for noting down their to-do list. A dry-erase board can also work better.

Alternatively, apps can help you create a shared checklist with your child. By this, you will track which assignments your kid is finishing fast and which ones are taking longer. This way, you will know the subjects they need help with.

Break Tasks into Small Chunks
Help your kid break school projects and assignments into smaller and manageable portions. Let them number their assignments in the order in which they should be completed. This will make assignments feel less overwhelming. If they have a project that is not to be completed right away, show them how to organize it into bits so that it is done smoothly in the given time.

Designate a Study Space
Your child should have a study space where they carry out their homework. The place should be comfortable, have adequate lighting, and quiet with fewer distractions. Also, have all school supplies and any materials needed nearby.

Have a Master Calendar

Have a large wall-sized calendar at your home. Encourage your kid to list down important tasks. They can be exam dates, extracurricular activities, major events at home and school, and due dates for projects. As a parent, include family commitments and your important dates here. This will help you to keep track of your kid's activity and it will help avoid a scheduling conflict.

Keep Organized Folders
Help your kid organize and keep track of their papers by arranging them in a binder or on a folder. A great way is to assign colors for each subject. Buy brightly colored folders where assignments for each subject will be placed. Also, have separate folders for to-do and completed projects. Folders will help your kid organize all their worksheets and items in a central place. When there is a place for everything, staying organized is easy. Your kid will find items easily and also keep them neat.

Designate Areas for Backpacks, Shoes, and Clothes
Where do your kids place their backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, coats, and gloves when they get home in the evening? Having a place for each item will help keep your home clean and organized. Also, your kid will know where to get what they need.

Carry Out a Weekly Clean Up

It is good to sort out book bags and notebooks weekly. Old assignments, tests, and papers should be sorted out and kept in a separate folder at home. Other things like wrappers and debris should be thrown in the trash. Help your kid clean up and organize their backpack to keep it always neat.

Get Ready the Night Before
This may be a tough one for both the parent and the kid. However, when you get used and make a habit of preparing at night, your mornings will be easy ones. Let your child help you lay out clothes, shoes, and accessories for the next day. Also, their books should be packed the night before and any devices that need to be charged plugged in the charger. By getting prepared the night before, you cut any possible morning confusions. Also, your kid will prepare quickly.  And you will sleep peacefully knowing that everything is packed and ready for the day.

Final Note

As summer wanes, it's good to get ready for the new school year. Make the school year less stressful by applying these tips that will help you start the school year out organized.

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