How to NOT Suck at Goal Setting

by - 7/03/2019 02:18:00 PM

We are already halfway through the year and I am pretty sure you cannot clearly remember all of the goals you wrote down in your small diary. If you wrote them down on a piece of paper, by now you cannot trace where it is. The beginning of the year comes with a lot of expectations and goal setting which never materializes year in year out. This sucks big time, but hey, you are not alone and all you need is to do things in a different way. Some of the goals that prove to be most challenging are body fitness, managing finances, and getting over addictions. Let us look at some of the things you need to do differently to set and achieve goals.

Accept that you have a problem
The challenges that come along the journey to change will break your interest and the only thing that keeps you going is the image of what you want to become. If, for example, you want to keep fit by losing weight, you need to know why you don’t want to be overweight. Is it because it is interfering with your self-esteem or health? Answering such questions will help you have the energy to overcome the difficulties you will encounter. You can consider various ways of losing weight and getting fit like including steroids in your routine. Do not wonder where to buy them since you can easily purchase them online from reliable vendors such as where you will find a wide range of products.

Have specific goals
The reason we don’t remember the goals we wrote down is that we were never specific in the first place. Always set SMART goals and this will make your journey towards change easy to attain. If it is about losing weight, specify that you want to attain a certain weight, and choose a specific date. This will give your mind the power to continue after seeing the results and you will yearn to keep on doing it to realize an even better result.

Write down your goals
Writing down your goals helps you keep track of what you are working on. You should include how you are going to achieve the set goals and how you will be measuring your achievements if it is a long-term goal. This is the roadmap that will take you to your goal without slacking by doing unnecessary things that do not help you achieve what you want.

You need to kickstart your journey towards your goal for it to become a reality. You may write down a goal, but it will never come to be unless you start from somewhere. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and it is never too late to make a positive change.

Social support
When there is no one who knows that you have a goal to achieve, you may not have anyone to challenge you to keep on your toes. Try as much as possible to involve your friends who have the same interests as you and this will make things a little bit fun. The same friends will pick you up when you are giving up through sharing their experiences.

Having checked on what you need to do to break the merry-go-round of failing every year, it is also true that old habits die hard and this requires you to have a strong inner conviction that you need a real change.

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