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Top Tips For Investing In Your First Rental Property

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Considering how wealthy real estate can potentially make you, and the fact that it’s usually referred to as “passive income”, it’s no surprise that people consider it as a way to make their money. Unfortunately, like most investments, real estate is a tricky and dangerous game. If you’re not careful, you could end up losing all the money that you’ve invested. You also need to be incredibly hands-on and work hard with real estate, which is something that isn’t common with other investments. If you’re not already put off then be sure to read the tips below before you decide if real estate is for you.

1. Do Your Research
The last thing that you want to do is jump into real estate with your eyes closed. Forewarned is forearmed, so you should gather as much information on real estate investment that you possibly can. Look online, read forums and articles, speak to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other investors. You can also check out books on real estate investment, as well as the rest of the tips below.

2. Be Sure You’re Handy
There is absolutely nothing “passive” about owning a rental property, in fact, you need to be incredibly hands-on and work incredibly hard. If you don’t know your way around a hammer or a toilet plunger, then you’re going to struggle to be a landlord. You’re going to be the person to call when your tenants have a leaking tap, a stuck door, or a crack in their plaster, so it’s important that you know how to deal with these issues. Of course, you could pay someone to do this for you, but this will quickly get expensive.

3. Pay Your Debts
If you already have debts, like unpaid medical bills or student loans, then you should consider paying these off before you purchase a rental property and put yourself in even more debt. The same goes for if you’re going to have to pay out for anything large in the near future, like Christmas, a holiday, or sending one of your children to college. It’s much better to get these expenses out of the way before you even consider purchasing a property. If you need advice on how to pay off your debts, then visit

4. Have The Cash
Even if you haven’t got any current debts or large expenses in the near future, it doesn’t mean that your financial problems are over. You also need to find the money for a down payment, repairs, maintenance, and your living expenses. You can’t start a real estate empire with no money, it simply isn’t possible, so you need to consider if you are financially stable enough to purchase a rental property. You must also remember that the down payments on rental properties are usually much larger than of owner-occupied properties.

5. Increase Your Credit Score
Your credit score is going to determine whether or not you get accepted for a mortgage, so it’s important that it’s in good shape. If you don’t have a great credit score, you will need to find ways to improve it before you can even think about buying a property. A great way to start is to pay off any of those debts that I mentioned earlier. Make sure that you are actually paying this off, rather than using other loans or credit cards to pay it off. This is just moving your debt around, which won’t do you credit score any favours.

6. Start Low-Cost
If you’re new to real estate investment, then it makes sense for you to start small and work your way up to larger and more expensive properties. Find yourself a relatively low-cost property to start off with (no more than $150,000 to $200,000), and once you’ve got a tenant, and have wrapped your head around what you’re doing, you can work up to larger properties.

7. Avoid Fixer-Uppers
Fixer-uppers tend to be a lot cheaper than other properties of a similar size and in a similar area, which might make you think that they’re a better option, as they’re the cheaper option. However, this is a bad idea for your first rental property. If you don’t know what to look out for, you will likely end up having to spend a lot more money on repairs and renovations than you saved on the property in the first place.

8. Choose The Right Location
Your location should depend on the type of tenant that you are hoping to attract. For example, if you were looking to rent to students at a university, then the property should be relatively close to the university. You will also want it to be close to public transport, and plenty of nightlife. On the other hand, if you were looking to rent to a family, you would want a property with a school nearby, and in an area with low crime-rates.

9. Use A Property Management Company
Even the most experienced property owners sometimes struggle to get everything done by themselves, after all, there is a lot that goes into owning a rental property. You need to look through potential tenants and choose one, prepare the house for them, do any repairs, collect rent, and even evict tenants. Property management companies, like, can help you with all of this and can do as much or as little work as you want them to. They will also ensure that you’re not breaking any laws, which is a risk when you’re new to renting property.

There is a lot that goes into owning a rental property, and a lot that you need to consider before you even start looking for a place to buy. You need to be one hundred percent sure that real estate is right for you before making any big decisions, otherwise, you could risk losing a lot of money. Consider your financial stability and your personal circumstances; If you haven’t got enough cash coming in, or haven't got enough time, then real estate may not be for you.

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Join | YochiYochi 3-in-1 Safety Harness Giveaway! 5 Winners - $135 TRV!

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Does The EIN Application Process Differ For Each Entity?

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The employer identification number (EIN) has many uses.  Whereas the IRS identifies individual people by social security numbers, it identifies every other type of legal entity by an EIN.  Thus, the EIN can be a trust Tax ID or a Tax ID for a business, nonprofit organization, or church.  No matter what type of entity you choose, though, the EIN application process is the same.
How the EIN Application Process Works
All you have to do to get an EIN is fill out an application form.  You can find the application forms online, such as on the IRS-EIN website.  When you submit the form online, IRS-EIN will send you a confirmation by email.  The email confirmation will contain your EIN.  Therefore, you can then open a bank account for your business or apply for business insurance, filling out forms that require you to enter your EIN.  Your official confirmation from the IRS will arrive by mail within a month of when you submit the email confirmation.
Choosing Your Entity Type
The application form to get an EIN is quite short, but one question asks you to specify your entity type.  The IRS-EIN website contains brief descriptions of each type of entity.  Some of them are very straightforward.  If you are establishing a church or if you are the executor of an estate, you will know it immediately.  When it comes to business entity types, there is a little bit more flexibility.  Consult with a corporate lawyer if you are opening a business and you want to know which entity type will make it the easiest for your business to operate.
The types of entities that use EINs to file taxes are very diverse.  All of them can apply for their EINs through the same simple process.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Struggling To Get Your Children To Sleep?

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Getting your children to sleep can sometimes be surprisingly difficult to do. Often, there is an underlying issue which needs to be addressed, but sometimes it’s just one of those things. Either way, there is always a way to make sure that you can get your children off to sleep more easily. The truth is that there are a few essential factors which you need to consider in order to be sure that your children can sleep more easily. As long as you have considered the following, you should find that it is much easier for them to sleep. Let’s take a look at what those aspects are now.

The Bed

For a start, it is always going to be much more difficult to get your children to sleep if their bed is not as comfortable as it could be. If everyone in your family is complaining about a lack of sleep, you might want to look into replacing all of the beds at your earliest convenience. With some new Dreamworks beds you should find that everyone gets off to sleep much more easily. You’ll also want to look into the bedding, of course, and make sure that the temperature of the rooms are adequate for sleep. All of this affects the likelihood and possibility of sleep hugely, so you need to pay attention to every such aspect without missing anything out.

Screen Use

If your children tend to use screens a lot, that could be interfering with their sleep more than you know. The use of screens inhibits the production of melanin. This is the chemical the body clock uses to know that it is time to go to sleep when the sun goes down, so if it is being inhibited it will often mean that your children are not sleeping very well, if at all. Cut out screen time for a couple of hours before bed at least, and ideally also during the day. If you do this, you will find it really does make a difference to how well everyone sleeps. It also has other distinct benefits, such as improving the mood of your children, so there is much to be gained from this simple act.


The problem might be however that your children are not getting enough exercise. They need to have some kind of exercise in the afternoon or evening if they are to sleep properly, so try your hardest to make sure that this happens. The best way to do this is often to simply allow them outside to play for a few hours. If you prefer, you can engage in some kind of play together instead. However, you do it, ensuring they get some exercise is always going to be a great way to improve their sleep, so don’t overlook this essential.

It can be frustrating when your children won’t get to sleep, but with the above-taken care of you should find they sleep much more soundly and readily.

Friday, November 17, 2017

8 Ideas For Home Businesses That Can Cook Up A Storm

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When you want to run your own business, you may feel like your options are limited. And when you’re into all things culinary, that can cause quite a problem. Because it’s likely that you want to get creative with what you can do. On the one hand, many of the business ideas that you want to do could require a significant investment. And this could put you off if you don’t have the capital or you don’t want to raise it. On the other hand, you also have a range of online businesses you could start, but if this isn't quite your thing, you may feel fenced into a corner.

Because when food is your passion, doing something online isn’t always going to cut it. You can often want to get your hands dirty instead. So, if you want to start cooking up a storm, here are some ideas for home businesses that might be right up your street.

Catering Company

Up first, you could always consider starting a catering company. If you love to cook and you’re great at it, then this could be the perfect business venture for you. With some uniforms from somewhere like Chef Works, a handful of people willing to work with you, and a whole lot of passion, you could get started in an instant. And if you have experience in the food industry, this will feel like a natural progression for you.

Produce Supplier

Another great idea would be to become a product supplier. If you already have a veggie garden and you have a passion for growing, this will be great for you. You will need land or even an allotment to grow your produce. You could even start off on a small scale, selling vegetable hampers with a locally grown, organic angle to those in your local area.


If you love all things sweet, then you’re probably a bit of an expert baker. When that’s the case, you should definitely consider getting your Cake Boss on and becoming a master baker from home. This is definitely a simple business to set up. Starting with friends and family and spreading the word from there, you could become the one to cater to everyone’s sweet tooth cravings.

Party Planner

Slightly deviating from the actual creation of food for a moment, you could also think about becoming a party planner. If you’re super organized and you know a lot of people in the industry, this could be your perfect business. You will have a huge hand in the catering industry with a career as a planner, but you will also be covering off a wide range of hospitality industry areas too, and even acting as a host yourself.

Preserve Maker

Maybe you want something small scale to work on that you can put your own stamp on? Then a jam-making business could be great for you. Not only is it creative and involves cooking, but it could have the potential to turn into a big business. If you live in a town with a high tourist trade, this could also be a great way to sell products to those passing by.

Meal-Prep Supplier

If you’re really into clean eating, then why not think about becoming a meal-prep supplier. Right now, so many people want to be able to eat clean, but they don’t have the time or the patience to prepare all of their daily meals from scratch. If you love to cook and you have a passion for health, this could be a great venture for you. Making clean meals up for people could be your booming business idea.

Food Blogger

Okay, so technically, we did say that you weren’t necessarily looking to start a business online, but this one is slightly different. It’s something you can start in your spare time and grow into a business idea. If you love food and eating out or cooking, then why not start a food blog? It could be a great way for you to work with your foodie passion.

Food Truck

For the last point, you could think about starting a business from home, that’s technically kind of mobile too. Food trucks are hot right now. If you’re a chef and you’ve got your own style of cooking a particular cuisine that could really sell, then this is the business idea for you. You can start up with as much money as you have available and see what kind of journey it takes you on.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

LBC Fosters Filipino Camaraderie Thru HK Cup 2017

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LBC makes sure Filipinos always feel the spirit of home, wherever they may be in the world.
This is why it kicked off LBC Hong Kong Cup 2017: Palarong Pinoy Level Up to engage Filipinos in the area to come together and bond thru fun games and activities.

The League features popular sports like basketball, volleyball, and bowling. It also showcases local games like patintero, luksong tinik, piko, and Chinese garter.

The month-long tourney is being held in various locations in Hong Kong, among them Shek Ku Lung Park and the South China Athletic Association Bowling Center.

LBC hopes that the friendly games, touted as the biggest LBC Sports Olympics in Hong Kong, will be an enjoyable and effective venue for our kababayans to bond, so they will always feel the sense of home in their hearts.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Top 3 Ways To Repair Your Electronics

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In today’s modern times, people are more likely to buy new products as soon as their old ones are broken. But while this option is more cost-effective sometimes, there are electronic items and other gadgets that are worth being repaired than buying a new one. If your electronic item is no longer covered by a warranty, try consulting a repair service first and get an estimate on how much it would cost for the repair. You may also try to ask friends for recommendations, do some research online, or even try repairing your electronics by yourself if you can.

Here are three ways on how to repair your electronics.

1. Keep the device clean.

This is basically the first and important thing that you need to do when repairing electronics. And oftentimes, some devices just really need a good cleaning for them to work again. Avoid using commercial cleaners as some of these products can actually cause a lot more damage to electronic devices. Try to give your device or component instead of a good blast of air. Compressed air cleaning will allow you to get rid of many particle matters as you can without destroying the components. Make sure to use a lint-free cloth or a safe brush. Avoid using abrasives or solvents on your electronics. Otherwise, it could get burnt. Just keep the device as clean as possible without damaging it more.

2. Purchase new electronic components.

One way of properly repairing your electronics is by having the proper tools and equipment to fix them. If you find yourself repairing electronic items from time to time, it would greatly help if you have at least the most basic electronic components with you. It would come in handy in times where you need them the most so you do not have to run into the hardware store just to buy one. Also, most of the time, broken electronic devices just need a replacement for some parts and components. You don’t have to buy all of them or have a complete set of a toolbox. Having the basic and most important ones is what you really need to have a well-equipped toolbox. It should take care of basic repairs that you would need in the future. In addition to that, you can also consider recycling some parts of old or broken electronic items before you throw them. They all end up in a landfill anyway so it would help if you can make use of these parts and components for future use.

3. Learn to recognize different connector types.

Knowing different connector types is one important skill that you should have in order to properly repair your electronics. You may not get everything in one sitting but you will definitely gain more knowledge as you gain more experience. This is important because you can easily tear a cable rip out a socket of a circuit board if you are unable to release a cable from its connector. Try to learn the basic connector types and it will help you in the long run.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Want To Improve Your Home Without Breaking The Bank? Here’s How

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The idea of trying to improve the value of your home can be so overwhelming, especially if you watch television shows where the hosts are always doing big, grand projects.
But increasing your overall home value doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. You don’t need to add another room or do a complete renovation. By following just a few simple steps, you can dramatically improve the worth of your home and attract potential buyers. 
Even if you’re not planning on selling your home, these steps can significantly increase your quality of life.

Clean The Clutter

Cleaning your home can have an exponential effect on its value to buyers. Few things turn a buyer off like a dirty house, while a clean house significantly attracts potential purchasers. Consider for a moment: if you had the choice between two identical houses, one clean and one cluttered, which would you pick?
Cleaning has several other specific advantages.
  • It allows you to spot maintenance issues that are hidden behind junk. Clearing out boxes allows you to see that small leak with your water heater or that mold growing in the corner. Spotting these before they turn into big issues can save you massive amounts of money.
  • A clean house is healthier for your family. Junk and dirt can cause allergens and bacteria to breed. By cleaning your home, you not only add value, you also create a friendlier space for your family.
“Starting with a couple hundred dollars on a few things could increase the value of your house by a few thousand dollars. People are surprised by that. It’s exciting. People think they have to put in a lot of money to see a big difference and they really don’t.”
The first, and perhaps the simplest way to add value to your home is to simply freshen it up. It costs little to nothing and can have a dramatic effect.

Freshen Up That Curb Appeal

How much curb appeal does your home have? Remember, the front of your home creates a potential buyer’s first impression. If your home looks dingy and overgrown from the curb, it can create a negative feeling in a potential buyer. Spending time sharpening up your curb appeal can significantly increase the overall value.
“People forget about their trees more than almost anything. It could really make a significant difference in the price. Nobody likes to spend money, but landscaping might even be the most important thing, even if owners have kept up the house.”
What are some simple ways to do this?
  • Maintain your lawn and shrubbery. Overgrown bushes and grass are an immediate turnoff for buyers. Simply trimming your shrubs and cutting your grass can improve the look. If your lawn is dry or brown, spend some time nurturing it back to a fresh, green look. Planting flowers can also add some splashes of color.
  • Freshen up your shutters and front door. If your shutters are faded and peeling, give them a fresh coat of paint. Same goes for your front door. A brand new front door can make a big difference.
  • Power wash your house. Simply cleaning the exterior of your house can make an enormous difference, clearing away years of grime and giving your house a clean, fresh feel.
Here are some additional simple ways to improve your curb appeal:

Double Down On The Kitchen

The project with the greatest return is almost always going to be your kitchen. Because it’s the focus of so many family activities, few things matter more to potential buyers than the kitchen space.
There are some simple ways you can really improve the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank.
  • Paint or refinish the cabinets. Even the most dated, ugly cabinets can receive new life with a fresh coat of paint. Another easy way to improve your cabinets is to replace the outdated hardware with something modern and clean.
  • Add a tile backsplash. A backsplash is a simple, cheap way to give your kitchen a dash of color and class.
  • Switch to stainless steel. Stainless appliances, faucets, and other items will give your kitchen a new, modern, clean look. This is significantly more attractive to buyers.
  • Add a pot rack. A pot rack opens up space in the kitchen and will immediately catch the buyer’s eye, particularly if you also add in a rolling island.

Renew Your Bathroom

Perhaps more than anything else, the bathroom needs to have a new, clean feel to it. Few things turn a buyer’s stomach more than a dingy bathroom. By making a few simple upgrades, you can cause the value of your home to surge.
  • Install a luxury faucet. If your bathroom makes people feel like they’re in a spa, they’ll immediately be at ease. A luxury faucet is a really simple way to do that.
  • Install granite countertops. While Formica countertops are cheap, they don’t hold up well and look low quality. A granite or marble countertop is a wonderful way to make your bathroom inviting.
  • Use wall mount lighting. Overhead lighting is harsh and creates a sterile feel. Use warm, wall mounted lights to generate a warm ambiance in your bathroom.
  • Replace frosted glass with clear.
  • Clean the grout and remove any rust stains.
  • Lay heated floors. Few things are more luxurious than heated floors.

Knock Out Some Walls

Open floor plans are all the rage these days. Taking out a few non-structural walls can give your home a feeling of openness and space. This is a minor job that costs very little, but the payback in terms of home value can be significant.
Your goal should be to make the home feel less confined and tight. If there are narrow hallways, consider trying to open those up.

Let There Be Light

Adding light to your home immediately makes it feel more welcoming. There are numerous ways to do this, including:
  • Dimmer switches that allow you to increase the light or cut it down for ambiance.
  • Sun tubes, which let in natural light but are cheaper than cutting out skylights.
  • More windows. Admittedly, this is more expensive, but the results can be dramatic. If you have any broken panes, immediately repair those.
A dark house feels cut off and dank. Letting in light immediately increases the overall value.
Make sure to stay away from harsh lighting, like overhead fluorescent lights.
Here are a few more tips for brightening up your home:

Add Green Options

More and more, buyers want energy friendly housing solutions, such as solar panels, energy saving air conditioners, pellet stoves, and other money savers.
The installation of these items can represent huge savings for potential buyers. If they know they’re going to save thousands every year in energy costs, they’re more willing to spend up front on purchasing the house.
This is especially important for the future. If you hope to sell your home in five years, install green options now.

Improve Those Floors

Floors are one of the first things people notice when they enter a house. If you’ve got orange carpeting, that’s where their eyes will go. There are some very simple ways to improve your floors and thus improve the value of your house.
  • Patch any bits of broken tile.>
  • Nail down any squeaky boards and repair any damaged ones.
  • Refinish wood floors.
  • Rip out wall-to-wall carpeting and install laminate.
Making these small improvements can bring back almost a 100% ROI.


Improving your home value doesn’t require months and thousands of dollars. You don’t need to be a home renovation expert or have your own reality television show. In fact, most of these home improvements are relatively small and can be done for a few hundred dollars.
Even if you don’t want to sell your home, there is value in making these changes. They can dramatically increase the beauty of your home and quality of life you experience.
It’s an oft-repeated cliche that home is where the heart is. If that’s true, isn’t it worth a bit of time and money to make that home as nice as possible?

Written By: John Hawthorne
As published here: