States And All: Five American States To Visit In 2018

by - 12/08/2017 06:18:00 PM

Choosing a vacation hot spot can be tricky. However, as the new year is fast approaching we can all be thinking about making plans for the new year and travel is often a hot topic. However, no one wants to make a bad choice about where to take that important vacation. After all, vacations from work can be few and far between. So I thought I would share with you five American states to consider.  


The state of Michigan is a Midwestern state that borders four major lakes, making it an ideal vacation spot for any adventure loving couple or family. It also contains more than 11,000 inland lakes, which makes it a great place to consider camping or hiking. However, if you prefer more of the finer things in life then hotels like Comfort Suites Marquette are a great choice to consider. Lake Michigan is the most popular choice when it comes to location, however, there is also the famous city of Detroit. Famed for its automotive history.


Heading to the most eastern point will bring you to the state of Florida. Packed full of vacation hotspots to consider in 2018. Maybe you want to live it up in Orlando and head to the famous studio parks or even Disney world. Perhaps you like the idea of showboating in Miami. Enjoying cocktails on the beachfront or embracing the Cuban and Hispanic charm. Florida is a real popular state to see in the US. Not just for Americans but also for others all over the world.


Heading back west you will find a great US state of California. It has so much to offer for any type of vacation. You could enjoy the show business vibe of Hollywood. Shopping down Rodeo Drive or even taking in the famous Hollywood sign. Or maybe you want to explore and look at other locations like the vibrant city of San Francisco. Taking in sites like Alcatraz and the golden gate bridge.


Heading South brings us to the state of Texas. This state has very mixed terrain of forest and pine mixed with desert surroundings. Whether you like the idea of people watching in San Antonio where you can sit and relax in a riverside cafe in one of the most multicultural cities, or want to take advantage of some of the best live music around in the capital of Austin, there really is a lot for everyone in this state. Finally, who wouldn’t love the chance to visit NASA in Houston?

New York

Of course, finally, we can’t mention New York. There is Brooklyn but no visit to New York state would be complete without a trip to NYC to take in the famous sites. New York City is a great iconic place to visit in the USA. There are some great places to see and things to do so it certainly wouldn’t be a disappointment for a vacation in this place.

I hope this has offered you some inspiration for travel next year.

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