X Marks The Spot: Xmas Gifts Which Make Money

by - 12/13/2017 07:49:00 PM

Christmas is a time for giving and there is nothing better than watching the look on a loved one’s face as they unwrap a gift. Still, Xmas is also an incredibly expensive time of year which lots of families can’t afford. Even though this is the case, people continue regardless just to give their children the day they always dreamed of. If only there were a way to give back and help recoup their losses so that Christmas wasn’t a financial burden. Oh wait a minute - there is. Some gifts are lucrative, and here is a selection of the ones which will only go up in price.


Have you been keeping up with the latest trials and tribulations of the newest global currency? If you have, you’ll know that Bitcoin share prices are now worth somewhere around $17,000 per coin. Yep, wow! Logical people will think, “I’m not investing because the price is bound to drop” and that is true. However, at the moment, the potential for Bitcoin is staggering which is why experts believe it will only increase in value. Sure, there will be an inevitable drop at some point in time, yet it will bounce back. Now that’s what Warren Buffett would call a sound investment.

Stocks And Shares

Bitcoin is just one example of an industry which has an incredible amount of potential. As long as you choose wisely, the recipient could be on the receiving end of a small fortune. Consider restaurants for the moment. Your local fast-food joint could be the answer to someone else’s prayers, but you have to speculate to accumulate. Chipotle stock may have been going down since June of this year, yet it’s having a resurgence. If this doesn’t appeal, you can always invest in the tried and trusted companies such as Facebook and Apple. Over time, the shares will grow and morph into a steady profit margin.

Trust Fund

You may have nieces and nephews and young children if your life who you want to help along the way. Of course, it’s easy to buy them the latest toy, but that will lose its value in a matter of weeks. A trust fund, on the other hand, only increases in value and gives them a secure financial platform in life. And, you can open it for their guardians and get them to contribute. This may seem like a sneaky trick, but because the contributions are tax-free, they will save money from a trust fund too.


Finally, there is cold, hard cash. The green stuff. Moolah, baby. Whatever you call it, once you stick it in a savings account, the interest will keep it ticking over. Or, the person could invest it in a property. They mean even use it to pay off debts which are racking up interest. However you look at it, cash gifts either make or save money. Precious metals, such as gold and silver, are also worth considering because they tend not to lose value.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s a heart-warming feeling to make a difference in a person’s life.

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