13 Possible Reasons You're Not Happy

by - 12/12/2017 11:11:00 PM

If you're truly honest with yourself, can you say that you’re happy? The sad fact is, most people will say that they’re not. However, they don’t accept responsibility for not feeling happy. They blame the world, god, the people around them, or anybody/anything else they can think of to avoid taking responsibility for their own feelings and emotions.

By figuring out the true reasons you’re not happy, you can potentially put an end to them and take responsibility for your emotions once and for all.

Here are 13 possible reasons you’re not happy:

1. You’re Spending Time With The Wrong People

Spending time with the wrong people is a huge reason many people aren’t happy. Perhaps you’re spending time with ‘energy vampires’ that are toxic and bad for your health. Perhaps you’re simply spending time with people who are negative all the time. This kind of negative energy easily rubs off. You are who you spend time with, so ask yourself, do you want to be the people you spend most of your time with? Are you ok with that? If the answer is no, then you need to distance yourself. Find people you can spend time with who have similar interests and do things you want to do. It’ll rub off.

2. You’re In The Wrong Romantic Relationship

Our romantic relationships can play a huge part in how happy we are or aren’t. Now, this doesn’t mean you can go blaming your partner for your unhappiness. That’s not how it works. You can simply use your relationship to take a closer look at the issues it’s bringing up inside of you. Do you find yourself getting jealous over the smallest things? Perhaps you have the uncontrollable urge to read your other half’s messages. You can assess your behaviour and work out why you feel so insecure. Maybe they aren’t the most trustworthy person after all; in that case, you know what to do.

If they are doing all they can to contribute to a healthy relationship and you’re still insecure, you know you have problems of your own that you need to work on. We all have internal struggles going on, so work out what yours are.

3. You Aren’t Following The Right Career Path

We spend the majority of our lives at work, so if you’re unhappy, it could be that you’re not following the right career path. Maybe you started off following a particular path because you thought it would be the quickest way to a job, or a quick way to earn money. They aren’t the reasons you should follow a path! You should find a career path that makes you happy and leaves you feeling satisfied. Some say it won’t feel like work when you’ve found the right job, and while this isn’t always true, you definitely shouldn’t hate your job. Deep down, you know what you want to do. Don’t ignore those niggles you get every so often. They are there for a reason.

4. You’re Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep

The amount of quality sleep you get can make a big difference to how you function in everyday life. It isn’t enough to get 8 hours a night; you need to make sure you’re getting 8 hours quality sleep a night. How can you improve your sleep quality? There are so many ways to do it; you can stop drinking and smoking, ensure you only eat light meals before bed, and ensure your mattress is right for your own individual needs. You can learn about mattresses here if you’re unsure of which would be right for you. Not only that, your room needs to be just the right temperature, and you can’t have any light stopping you from drifting off. Getting your natural rhythm back is the best way to enjoy a quality sleep in the long term, so avoid doing anything that can mess that up.

5. You’re Focusing On What You Haven’t Got

So many people focus on what they haven’t got. Don’t focus on the car you haven’t got, or the house you don’t live in. Be grateful for what you have got. It sounds like a cliche, but those who are grateful for the things and experiences they have, no matter how they compare to somebody else’s, always find more to be grateful for. As a rule, list 3 things you're grateful for when you get up in the morning. Say them to yourself religiously. Do it when you go to bed too. List the great things that have happened to you that day, even if they were small things. Buying a 5 minute journal can help you get into this process by building a habit.

6. You’re Not Spending Time Doing Things You Love

We all need to spend time doing the things we love. You know; things that get you in the ‘flow’ or in ‘the zone’. Develop hobbies. If you don’t have any right now, try new things until something sticks. Do multiple things that you enjoy. Try knitting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, go to acting classes - do things that really get you in that zone and notice how you feel happier.

7. You’re Not Having New Experiences

We all need a little novelty to be happy with life. This means trying new things and visiting new places. It could be trying a new vegetable, heading to a new cafe, or doing something much bigger like going on vacation somewhere you’ve never been. Attempt to do at least one new thing each day.

8. You’re Not Going Outside

We all need to get outside from time to time. Fresh air and sunlight are imperative for our health. Aim to walk more places if you drive. If you don’t, find excuses to get out there and get some steps in. This is a great way to destress and get some exercise at the same time.

9. SAD

More people suffer from seasonal affective disorder than you probably realize. In fact, you might suffer from it. Do you find yourself feeling much lower during winter time? Not really sure what’s wrong with you? SAD could very well be the cause. SAD is thought to occur because we don’t get the same amount of sunlight during winter as we do during summer. The best way to combat this is to invest in a SAD lamp. This is called light therapy and is the most effective, proven way of combating SAD. Dawn simulator alarm clocks can also help by getting the body into a great natural rhythm when it comes to waking and sleep, however, they are not a proven cure alone.

10. You’re Letting Yourself Get Bogged Down With Stress

If you find yourself stressed and you’re not doing anything about it, you need to make sure you’re taking steps to get rid of it before things get out of hand. People find they can reduce stress in different ways. Some like taking hot baths, while others enjoy exercise like weight lifting or boxing training. Deep breathing is simple and can be done anywhere. Try meditating for a couple of minutes each day too. The busier you are, the more you should make time to do it!

11. You Have Too Many Limiting Beliefs

Most people don’t realize that the true thing holding them back is their limiting beliefs. The limiting beliefs we hold don’t really have anything to do with us; it’s about how we were brought up, where we were brought up, and who we were brought up with. They are easily picked up while we’re young and our brains are like sponges.

The key to overcoming them is identifying what your limiting beliefs are and then working to get rid of them. Methods like EFT are thought to be helpful, but you must be consistent with them.

12. You’re Not Developing Yourself

Are you working on developing yourself? Learning new things and skills is an important part of life whatever age we are. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen, a young adult, or a mature person nearing retirement age. You can develop yourself by going to night classes, workshops, courses, or even by watching YouTube videos and teaching yourself at home. Whether you want to learn a language, how to play an instrument, or how to make your own crystal jewelry, you have no excuse not to try it with the resources available.

13. You Lack A Purpose

People can have more than once purpose. Let’s get that straight. Not only that, your purpose can be whatever you want it to be. You don’t want for some mystical being to knock on your door and tell you what it is! Finding your own purpose will make you happier, whether it’s helping the homeless, rehoming abandoned animals, or doing something else that means a lot to you.

Assess yourself using the information here and pinpoint the reasons you may not be happy. Work on them consistently, and soon enough, you will feel happier than you ever have before!

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