5 Cleaning Tips For Kids

by - 7/13/2018 07:15:00 AM

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Having kids around the house could mean a big mess for the parents, especially the mother who’s more inclined to clean up the house in some cultures. But that’s a reality every growing family should expect. Kids are almost always going to mess up every part of your home, and cleaning after them is truly a challenge.

If you have kids around, you know very well how it feels. They make a mess of everything. Toys littered everywhere, furniture knocked off, walls repainted, and food splattered all over the table. It’s already stressful having to manage the house, but having children around makes it all the more challenging. If only you could have simply maids adelaide come over and do all the cleaning for you, that would be awesome. Alternatively, we can teach our children how to clean and take care of their own mess. Here are 5 cleaning tips for kids that you should know about:

1. Get the kids involved in cleaning

Teaching your kids about household chores is important in growing up. When it comes to spring cleaning, you definitely need some helping hands. So if your kids are able to do some simple tasks, that would be helpful. Start by assigning tasks that are appropriate for their age. You can ask them to organize their toys, or pick up the laundry, and dust some items and surfaces. Make it a team effort by involving your children in short-time tasks, tasks that would take around 10-15 minutes to accomplish. That would help them feel accomplished after a short amount of time, after which you can assign your next task!

2. Reward them for cleaning up

Children generally dislike doing household chores, I mean, who does? If it’s getting hard to push them into helping out with cleaning, then maybe it’s time to put something at stake. Think of something rewarding to give your kids whenever they accomplish a task. Say, a buck for each task, like sweeping the bedroom, folding the laundry, and so on. Rewarding them with an extra allowance is a good way to motivate them. And if they procrastinate and delay for later? Tell them a penalty will be charged to their allowance! That will surely keep them moving!

3. Make it a fun-filled bonding time

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be such a chore, even it is. Since you’re already involving the kids, make sure to turn it into a fun-filled family time, even if you’re all busy sweating off. There are so many activities you could do while cleaning that would make it enjoyable for all.

4. Put some music on

Music is one important thing that’s going to keep you motivated to work on cleaning the house. An upbeat music is effective in uplifting the mood of everyone and inducing them to move faster. Set your spirits high with some cool music they can dance with. Children love to sing and dance! You can also let them choose the music of their choice to keep them entertained.

4. Keep them busy

Keeping your children busy with housework is a good thing to keep them from messing the house. Try to assign tasks to them that are relatively easy but take time to finish. These are called busy chores. One of them is organizing the cupboard. Let them have a look at your cupboard and make them arrange the spices in alphabetical order. Or make them dust your hardwood floors. Shaking the toaster is also an enjoyable thing to do!

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