Tips for a Memorable Journey in Europe

by - 7/24/2018 10:06:00 PM

Photo by Avinash Patel from Pexels

Learning to drive is equally important for both girls and boys. It is suggested to learn driving at an early age as it will give an opportunity to a driver to become a pro before entering into a professional life and you do not have to rely on someone to give you a pick/drop service. 

The task is not as easy as it sounds like as we have to always keep a couple of precautionary measures in mind before having a hand on the staring of the car especially if we are driving on the roads of Europe.

The tracks of Europe have a long and beautiful highway which actually adds a bunch of memories if you are planning to go on a road-trip with family or friends. Following are the tips for the drivers to observe in order to have a smooth journey without falling into an unexpected trouble.

List of Legal Documents:
•    You should always keep a valid driving license along with you. If you are not a local citizen and driving on the streets of Europe then you should possess a valid international license.
•    Keeping identity card is mandatory (be it a passport or National Identity Card).
•    To avoid the hassle of an accident, the driver shall have a National insurance number and also the insurance of a vehicle.
•    A driver should also carry the V5C certificate, tax certificate, and MOT.
•    It is necessary to have a European breakdown cover documents.
•    The tourist also carries travel insurance document, if in case they meet an accident then a piece of paper can help them out financially.

List of Precautionary measures:
•    If you are heading towards an adventurous place that has a bumpy and rough road then it is recommended to have a pair of extra wheels or at least have a puncture repair kit.
•    Locking wheel nut key is also important to take along as it will help in tightening the wheel nuts going through rough roads.
•    An extra can of petrol.
•    A good Led light or torch with a pair of spare batteries.
•    A battery charger.
•    Fire extinguisher, if you are going for a long journey with family.
•    A first aid kit is as important as petrol.

Driving Tips:
•    Always keep your eyes open and mind attentive while driving.
•    The indicators, headlights and brake light should be in a working condition as they communicate with the other driver following you on the track.
•    You should have a clear understanding of right-hand-side driving because most of the regions in Europe supports the right-hand side driving vehicle.

•    Do not ever drive when you are tired or you can shift the duty to another driver if you are going for a long journey.

I hope I was able to help you with the tips I have shared in this article. Also, check out the infographic below. Discover more summer driving tips at Auto Protect. Always keep in mind, it is necessary to take all the precautionary measures checked before starting an adventurous and smooth journey because one wrong step can turn a memorable trip into a nightmare. Have a safe journey!

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