Ceramic Cookware vs Glass Cookware | Which One is Best for Everyday and Healthy Cooking

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It is undeniable that you can choose some types of cookware available on the market today, but you need to choose the safest one for healthy cooking. There are some cookware products that are not good for out healthy because they contain PFOA or PTFE. Well, if you really want to have safe cookware, aluminum cookware and glass cookware can be the best choice. Which one is the best for every day and healthy cooking between ceramic cookware vs glass cookware? Let us find out all about ceramic cookware vs glass cookware for your information.

Ceramic Cookware vs Glass Cookware

Ceramic Cookware

Is ceramic cookware safe? This question may come into your mind because you do not want to choose the wrong cookware. Anyway, ceramic cookware becomes one of the most popular cookware types used by many homeowners. Talking about the safety, this cookware has no problem with cooking because it is totally free from PFOA. Ceramic cookware even becomes the safest cookware type ever because it is made from clay. Somehow, ceramic cookware does not always use ceramic in total but the ceramic is only used for coating. This ceramic coating cookware is the ideal way to avoid damage because ceramic can easily crack without additional material.
What is the best ceramic cookware? Nowadays, there are so many ceramic cookware products that you can purchase in the market. You can buy from some of your favorite brands. There are some best ceramic cookware brands such as WearEver, Rachael Ray,  Greenlife, and T-fal. Meanwhile, from those ceramic cookware brands, you can choose some best ceramic cookware products available in the market such as T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware, GreenLife™ Ceramic Nonstick Cookware, and others. All of those cookware products are non-stick so you can cook your foods easily. Thus, you can just clean it with water after using it and there is no rest on the cookware. However, Ellen Taylor from Cookware Diary makes a list of safest and best ceramic cookware. You can check that list to find the right one for your Kitchen.

Glass Cookware

Glass cookware has a different material from ceramic cookware despite most of the glass cookware looks like ceramic with a glossy design. When talking about the safety, it seems that glass cookware is as safe as ceramic cookware that also does not contain PFOA. You can find so many glass cookware products available on the market. However, when we see the price comparison, the glass cookware can be more expensive than the ceramic cookware. Moreover, there are also some best glass cookware brands that you can choose or you can also buy glass cookware for the stovetop. Somehow, glass cookware is not compatible with a regular stove. It may be only compatible with modern cooktop. Still, it uses iron cast layer under the glass material to produce heat.

What are the best glass cookware brands to choose? If you want to buy some glass cookware products, then you may consider these following options such as Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle, GreenLife Soft Grip, Luminarc France Amberline Blooming Heat, Libbey 55952 – Best Quart covered glass cookware, Primula Blossom Glass Teapot, and much more.

The Quality of Ceramic Cookware vs Glass Cookware

When we talk about safety, you do not need to worry about it whether you choose glass cookware or ceramic cookware because both of these cookware products are healthy and safe for cooking. They do not contain PFOA and PTFE. What about the material quality? Ceramic cookware is quite solid and heavy, but the ceramic is only for coating. It still uses stainless steel material to avoid cracking. Meanwhile, most of the glass cookware products are transparent. The glass cookware can easily crack when you drop it on the floor. So, you must be careful when using this glass cookware. Overall, ceramic cookware can be better than glass cookware in the term of quality.

The Price of Ceramic Cookware vs Glass Cookware

Each cookware product has its own price according to the brand. You may buy some ceramic cookware at affordable prices. But, when it comes with glass cookware, this cookware may be more expensive than the ceramic one. Both of them are good, but the glass cookware looks more modern and futuristic. The glass cookware also looks premium and it is usually used by rich people. It looks more luxurious and attractive because it is also available in various colors. The ceramic cookware actually looks nice too, but it is too common because everybody can buy it. You can find so many ceramic cookware than glass cookware.

Finding the Best Ceramic and Glass Cookware

Anyway, it is all your decision to choose ceramic cookware or glass cookware. Somehow, you are recommended to buy the best ceramic cookware that has better function and quality. There are also some glass cookware products that are compatible with stovetop for modern cookware. It is important to check the brand before buying these types of cookware. Moreover, you also need to read the specification and material used. In this case, the non-stick ceramic or glass cookware can be the best option for a better cooking experience. In addition, ceramic cookware and glass cookware can also be easily cleaned. You can still cook some foods effectively using glass cookware or ceramic cookware despite they may be heavier than copper cookware or stainless steel cookware.

Final Words

In summary, that’s all about ceramic cookware vs glass cookware that you need to know. Well, both of these cookware products are good choices for a modern kitchen. The glass cookware for stovetop is a good choice for apartment usage. Meanwhile, the ceramic cookware is good for the regular kitchen. Somehow, ceramic and glass are not the only cookware types that you can buy. There are also stainless steel cookware sets, copper cookware sets, iron cast cookware sets, and aluminum cookware sets. The most important thing is that the cookware product does not contain any PFOA or PTFE that can endanger your body. Anyway, it is all your decision whether you choose ceramic or glass, but make sure you take care of it carefully to avoid cracking.

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