A Buyer’s Guide to Get the Best Women Bike

by - 1/13/2019 11:55:00 PM

Photo by Jodie DS from Pexels

If you are in the market to purchase a new women’s bike, but you are not sure where to begin from then this buyer’s guide to women bikes will provide you with every detail that you need to do. It also gives you the idea of the little tweaks and customizations which you need to do to ensure its comfort. And, after choosing the best women’s urban bike for you, just enjoy every ride.
One way to make sure that your bike serves your purpose well, whatever kind of bike you have chosen is to get a bike fit. This is where a professional bike fitter will require different measurements right from the height, weight, leg length, seat position and flexibility to check how your ride can be made more comfortable and safer.
After this, then need to amend elements of the bike like the handlebar length, the saddle height and more to give you the accurate fit. It also requires swapping and changing of some parts. Some of the most comfortable bike which is perfect for women are mentioned here:
Road bikes
Road bikes are made for distance and speed abilities on the road. They have less weighing frames, sleek tires, and handlebars which allow you to get a more aerodynamic posture on your bike.
Mountain bikes
Mountain bikes are perfect to discover trail centers, natural trails to experience an exhilarating ride which adds to your fitness and skill. But, most of the commuting includes bridges and hills and thus it should have multiple gears. 3 speed bike with a gear hub should suit your purpose. The chain doesn’t move when you change gears making it simple to maintain and operate and moreover it looks nice.
Hybrid bikes
Also known as urban bikes, these bikes lie somewhere between mountain bikes and road bikes with regards to their design. If you are looking for a bike for commuting, then hybrids are an amazing option. If you do a lot of commuting on graveled roads or rough terrain, then this bike will be perfect for you.
What size women bike do you need?
Mountain, commuter and hybrid bikes are available in different formats. Small, medium and large sizes basically apply to mountain and hybrid bikes. They are usually measured in inches and centimeters and the same rule is applied to road bikes.
However, every manufacturer has his own set of measurements and a different system. It is like clothing size where a “medium” from one brand will be a little oversize from a “medium” from the other brand.
But if you are looking for a bike that fits you perfectly, then you should go for a custom bike for women. These bikes can easily be adjusted as per your weight and height. You can customize the color, the handlebar, the frame, the rim, and the front basket as per your preference and need. Adjust everything as per your requirement online from the comfort of your home and ride the perfect women urban bike.

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