Latest Homeschool Apps for Parents

by - 1/30/2019 08:46:00 AM

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When you're a homeschooling parent, having the best latest homeschool apps can make your day flow so much more smoothly. Whether you want to keep track of attendance, chores, reading times or organize your paperwork, there's a great app out there to make it so much easier for you, giving you the time to focus on what's important. Here's our round-up of the top 5 latest homeschool apps for parents and more helpful guide and reviews can be located on STAR walk Kids.

Top 5 Latest Homeschool Apps for Parents

1. EverNote

As a homeschooling parent, you'll have paperwork piling up around your ears! Evernote, an online note-taker, can help with that. Store all of your lesson plans, to do lists, your children's notes, your book lists and more together on Evernote. It syncs across all of your devices so you'll never lose that important piece of paperwork!

2. LifeTopix

This amazing gem of an app allows you to organize and keep track of all aspects of your life in one place, including finances, your homeschool, tasks and to-do lists, appointments coming up in your calendar, your shopping lists and more. Using Lifetopix will keep you on top of everything and you won't have to go searching around for your diary or where you put the shopping list as you're on your way out the door to the grocery store. You'll save yourself time and energy!

3. FamilyTime

There's no way of getting away from screens nowadays, but the FamilyTime app gives you more control over when and what your children can use their devices. You can select a time limit, make sure no one's sneaking back on after bedtime, and keep an eye on exactly which apps and sites they are accessing through their phones and tablets.

4. K12 Attendance App

K12 Attendance App is a great free app for keeping track of your children's homeschool attendance throughout the year. This is really helpful if you are required to turn in an attendance register for your state, or if you just want to keep track of how your homeschool is doing and build regular, consistent habits.

5. Chore Pad

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that your children not only learn the academics, but they can take an active part in the running of the household and helping out with chores. But it can be a nightmare keeping track of who's doing what, so this is where the Chore Pad App comes in. It allows you to assign your children specific jobs to do around the house and offers incentives in the form of stars for each chore completed. Your children can then convert these into rewards when they've built up enough. Your homeschool will run so much smoother when the day-to-day household tasks like the dishes and laundry are done - without any arguments, negotiation or tears!

So there you have some of the top latest apps for homeschool parents, to make your day run smoothly and stress-free!

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