Mistakes to avoid when working with recruiters

by - 1/11/2019 09:48:00 PM

Every year fresh graduates added to the number of job seekers in San Francisco. Whether you are a fresh graduate or someone seeking a new position or for opportunities to a higher position, you will have a better chance of landing a great job with the services of headhunters in San Francisco. When working with recruiters, job applicants need to avoid making some common mistakes which might destroy their chance of landing a good job.

·         Once you have applied for a job through a recruiter, you should not apply for the same job through multiple ways such as online, through the mail or in person. That would be sending in two applications with duplicate resumes and doing so will not benefit your chances as an applicant. Recruiters are hired by the hiring company to select the quality candidates for the job and you will have to trust the recruiter to do his or her job well.

·         Be patient with the process and not attempt to go around the recruiter by contacting the hiring company directly. Since you have sought the service of one of the best finance recruiters, doing so will not benefit the working relationship you have with the recruiter. The hiring company hires the recruiter and it is the job of the recruiter to select the best candidate to fill up the specific job position.

·         After receiving the good news of a job offer from your recruiter, patiently wait for the recruiter to follow up with the negotiation of your salary and the benefits that comes with the job offer for you. Do not be hasty and try to go ahead with the negotiation yourself. Top finance recruiting firms are professionals and they are well versed with the standard salaries and benefits for the type of jobs and positions. It would be proper to discuss the salary you are expecting right from the beginning.

·         Recruiters are there to help match you with the right job and on your part, you will have to update your social media profile and your resume.

·         Be honest with your resume and qualifications. Sooner or later, the recruiters will know the truth and it will be bad for your reputation and destroy your chances of landing a good job with a reputable company.

·         Do not be indifferent or play hard to get. Be quick to respond to your recruiter’s calls or messages. Recruiters are busy people and their time is precious too.

·         Do your homework and be well prepared for the interview.

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