Women’s California Clothes in Everyday Streetwear

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Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

California street fashion is one of the most influential street styles out there. When you think of street fashion for young women, chances are that styles and trends that emerged from California or were popularized in the state play a pretty significant role. Here are just some categories of women’s clothing that were popularized by California-cool.

While originally developed for helping the one-armed Lord Raglan swing a sword more easily, the raglan sleeve shirt became a popular piece of clothing for applications where you needed to move your arms more freely. This made it a perfect fit for baseball, and raglans are still sometimes known as baseball shirts today.
However, the raglan is also a very flattering cut that gives wearers a youthful look while accentuating the arms and shoulders, which can be just what some women need. There are now raglans specially cut for women’s figures, but men’s raglans can be just as flattering on certain body types, if not more so. 
This classic top is also a good medium for graphic art and other designs. Women’s California raglans, for instance, are a popular theme.

Originally developed as underwear for soldiers, the flexible, affordable, easy-wearing tee has become a classic symbol of Americana, mostly due to the fact that Hollywood has over the years, popularized its use among both men and women. While tees didn’t become popular with women as everyday streetwear overnight, it certainly became an option for many women throughout the worlds since at least the 1970s.
Today, women have many options for tees, from standard unisex tees with that classic boxy cut, to women’s tees that are cut closer to accommodate many women’s figures. Size options are also quite forgiving for women, as close-fitting and super-loose are today both accepted as valid choices for women’s streetwear.
T-shirts are also immensely popular as statement pieces.  Graphic tees are perhaps the most popular piece of clothing on the planet, with countless themes and variations represented. Geographical themes, such as the case with California women’s tees, are especially popular ways to show off one’s love for their home state. They’re a hit with tourists as well.

Like blue jeans, hoodies have made the successful transition from workwear to an icon of American individualism. Hoodies are especially popular in California, as the state has a wide variety of fairly mild climates that make hoodies often the only extra piece of outerwear you need.
Hoodies also come in a wide range of varieties and thicknesses, each suitable for different situations. Statement hoodies are also a hot item these days.  There are also hoodies cut to closely match women’s shapes, but like with tees, many women prefer men’s hoodies as well.

There’s also a lot of freedom when it comes to the sizes that would look trendy on women, as huge hoodies are quite popular these days, but close-fitting ones still have plenty of adherents as well.

Tank tops
Tank tops are now identifiably more than just an alternative to the t-shirt. Given how hot Southern California can be (it’s mostly desert, after all) the tank top became a natural all-year-round top for many men and women in the Golden State. Like tees, many also come with logos and statements on them, and many are specifically cut for women as well.

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