Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fun Things To Do While Online

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As a stay at home parent, I am always busy with house chores and preparing everything for my kids daily just to make sure they have what they need. Just like me, there’s also something else you might feel, too, however: boredom. Whichever way we look at it, doing the same thing over and over does get boring after a while, especially if you’re only one staying at home to take care of your child. Well, luckily for us at this day of age where most of us have embraced technology. No need to worry about getting bored. Check out these things that you can do to stay entertained and have fun while online!

Playing Online Games

One of my favorite things to do online is playing MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games). I love playing MMORPGs because it brings together people from around the world. You can learn to relate to others and practice teamwork through boss hunts or PVPs. You learn to set and achieve goals as you level up from the game. An increase in self-confidence is built through positive reinforcement and a safe outlet for relieving frustrations.

Also, whenever I want a quick play to give myself a relaxing break, I play bingo online. Besides MMORPGs, playing bingo helps me boosts my mental abilities, hand-eye coordination, and maintain socialization through chatting with my fellow players.

Online Shopping

I usually bring my children with me whenever I go out of the house. Big thanks to technology we now have the option to shop online. No need worrying leaving your kids at home. Just a few clicks and you can shop anytime! Convenience, discounts, more variety, no line queueing, no traffic, and a lot more benefits why I love online shopping. It kills time during boredom and gets me to choose the perfect item/s that I need.

Watching Videos

You can now watch your favorite movies or tv show whether it's international or local. There are a lot of online video websites that offer a broad selection of movies or whos that you can watch anytime you want. Feel free to choose from free or paid subscription sites, to downloaded or live streaming, or whatever genre you like, they have it!

In the end, the key to having fun is still doing the things you love even if you are stuck with household chores, with tons of paperwork and more. Enjoy your free time and try the things listed above to help you relax and fight boredom!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Preparing For A Lifestyle Change

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Change is never easy. It can be incredibly scary and sometimes just downright stressful. However, it can also be one of the best things you experience in your life. It could be that you are leaving a toxic relationship, you are starting a new career, or moving to a new part of the world. Change is scary, but it can also be great.
You’ll feel vulnerable
When we take ourselves out of our comfort zone and into the deep, it is totally understandable that we may feel vulnerable and open to being hurt. Don’t feel embarrassed if you need help with your new lifestyle or you have to lean on family and friends for support. Let the people around you support you and guide you through the days until you become comfortable with your situation. There’s no need to become stressed and make yourself ill.  
You’ll Adapt
As humans, we have an incredible knack for adapting to new situations and being happy with them too. If you feel like you are having problems when you first start out, don’t worry about it too much, You will in time adapt and find ways to make your situation much easier for yourself. The way our minds work can make it very easy for us to be analytical and solve our issues. So trust your instincts and your brain will tell you what to do. Your brain can adapt in clever ways, and if you want to learn more take a look here:
You’ll Try New Things
Once you’ve caught the bug for change, you’ll start moving further and further out of your comfort zone and you will get much better at adapting to new things. You could end up expanding your business and investing:, you could decide to try a vegan lifestyle for a while, or put yourself up for a physical test like a marathon. Once you know you can do anything, there won’t be anything that can stop you from pursuing your dreams.
You’ll look to the future
Making any changes to the way you live your life will not only change your perspective and your mindset, but will also make you look forward to your future. When you change the way you eat, who you are in a relationship with or your career path it is only natural to look ahead to the long-term.  Living your life with a view to the future and a positive attitude can really increase your quality of life and make you happier as a person.
You grow and develop

Going through changes helps us to learn from our mistakes and develop as people. It is human nature to learning, and we are always willing to widen our horizons in life. You’ll find that stepping into a different lifestyle will make you feel inquisitive and you will wonder what things you can do to immerse yourself in this new way of life. We can end up learning a ton of helpful new skills which can help us in our life and career, and we will have fun meeting new people.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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New Year Resolutions That Are Worth Sticking To

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Ok, so it’s not even December yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin to think about the sort of start you want to 2018. New Year’s resolutions are renowned for their fickleness. We begin with good intentions and our quest to go to the gym more results in us heading to boxercise twice a week after work and venturing to spin class every Saturday morning throughout the whole of January. However, by the first week of February we’ve swapped the cardio for the candy and the fitness regime has gone to pot. However, you can make 2018 different and have some New Year’s resolutions that you can stick to.

Keep Fit

Everyone has at least one resolution that involves health or fitness. You might want to lose the extra few pounds that you put on over Christmas, or you might want to tone up and improve your endurance. The key aspect to sticking to this goal is to have a measurable aim. Don’t simply say you want to lose weight. How much do you want to lose? Four pounds? Ten pounds? Twenty pounds? By quantifying your goal, you’ll be able to see measurable impact which will motivate you to continue.

You also need to have a plan to demonstrate how you are going to achieve your resolution. Don’t assume that you have to head to the gym to get more exercise. You might want to spend more time outdoors and embark on a long walk every weekend. If you’re keen to stop smoking, you might want to consider using e cigarettes instead to cut out the tar and nasties rather than going cold turkey.  If you’re keen to cut down on your alcohol consumption, you might decide to limit your visit to the pub to just once a week. Formulating a plan will save you from floundering and succumbing to the temptation of a chocolate bar or tub of ice cream.

A Fresh Start

Often a resolution will represent a fresh start in some way or another. You may be keen to move house, find a new job or get a new hairstyle. The idea of reinvigorating ourselves in some way at the start of a new year is nothing original, and it can be the perfect excuse to try something different. If you’re keen to relocate or search for that elusive promotion, ensure that you start getting the ball rolling in the first week in January while you are enthusiastic.


All too often people make a resolution to find love. This is more of a wish than a resolution, but it’s a great aim all the same. Just remember not to put too much pressure on this goal. If you are forever hunting for love, you’ll lose sight of everything else that life has to offer. It’s ok to be on your own. Love will come along when you’re least expecting it.

The new year is the perfect time to consider where you are in life. As long as your New Year’s resolutions are measurable, purposeful and help you live your life to the fullest you should be able to stick to them and see your 2018 start as you mean to go on.

Monday, November 27, 2017

CLOSED | The Merry Kid-oliday Giveaway! $244 in Prizes!

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Know Your Limits and Detoxify with Dr. Pao Bellosillo

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Your body needs a break to recharge once in a while. Over time, our body gets run down from unhealthy foods, alcohol, stress, cigarettes, and other toxins in our daily environment. These not-so-healthy habits can cause diseases that if not addressed can lead to a serious illness. With the help of detox, it gives your body the time, space, and right conditions to deal with those factors that run our systems down. Let us get to know how we can live a legacy by Dr. Pao Bellosillo.

Dr. Pao Bellosillo

1.      With the advent of new sicknesses sprouting left and right, how do you feel your field of study can help in alleviating or avoiding these sicknesses? 

Diseases are caused not by genetic predisposition alone but by the imbalance in health brought about by excess toxins and nutritional deficiencies that one has, given by their lifestyle and environmental factors.  Prevention and early detection of these imbalances without any invasive procedures can help build a cascade of well being starting with one person to a family to a community all the way to a country.  Usually when symptoms manifest the diseases have already taken a toll. Hence for chronic and degenerative diseases best practices of medical systems can be applied but for acute once conventional medicine can work well with integrative therapies that allow people to feel like people when they are treated.  We just got to preserve the humanity of each person from early detection through treatment proper and post-treatment covering all aspects of life touching the areas of the Body, Mind, and Soul.  Going to the roots would help alleviate people from suffering. When symptoms manifest, the disease would have already progressed by then. Why not prepare the bodies protection and defense mechanism to be resilient to internal and external threats.

In the Philippines, the inevitable rise of deaths due to heart, stroke, and cancer can very much be reduced by early detection and preventive management of care that looks at a person’s well being as a whole.  

2.      What is the main thing that people can do to avoid getting sick in this day and age where everything that we eat has pesticide and is considered unhealthy?

Being healthy is a choice. First, make that choice. Know your Food sources, types of Marco Nutrients, proper portioning and utilize technologies that purify or cleanse your food. Toxin bioaccumulate in our food so best is to go for organic or partial. When organic food is not available technologies such as an ozonator may be used for detoxifying fish, beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables. It may also be used to purify the water we drink and air we breathe.  Proper detox uses Smart portioning, Smart Sourcing, Smart supplements and Smart technologies.  To know more about this you may seek advise at Health Is In Center.. We’d be glad to advise you on your detox needs from Food-Environment-Self.

3.      What are three things that people need to have in their life to live a life of quality? 

Peace and harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit wherein Holistic and Integrative specialists like me Cam assist them with.  Only Whole Medical Systems and Integrative Medicine whose understanding the said three planes. Healing is not summarized into a pill but the smooth balance between the three principle factors of life, it is a way of life.

4.      What are the top foods they need to avoid to lessen the possibility of becoming toxic or sick? 

Acid forming food such as: 
Chips, fatty oily food usually seen in innards, French fries, usually the preserved meats, carbonated drinks, cakes and pastries.  The key here is moderation in portioning and frequency.  Life is fair, we have functional supplements and technologies that can help reduce toxicity.

Way back then I enjoyed sisig, crispy pata or even chicharon bulaklak and having seen their impacts on hardening and clogging of arteries, I opted to abstain but was able to appreciate them when I took them in moderation w specific supplements and technologies plus fitness Programs that allow me to detox.   It is no joke for blood vessels especially of the heart and brain to be clogged or stiff to trigger a heart attack or stroke.  Another key in moderation is know your limits.  We have natural ways and technological ways to determine stiffness and clogging of arteries.  This way we can avoid a trip to the emergency room or intensive care unit.

5.      What can you advise as an expert in your field that people do to be healthier, more positive, and have a life that can reach to their 80s? 

Healing begins w a decision, get organized know your excess toxins and nutritional deficiencies through the help of preventative technological assessements. From there lets walk through a program that allows you to live well and long encompassing cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, muskoskeletal, respiratory and many more organ system needs by applying the best practices  that naturopathic, allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic and chinese medical systems has to offer  to ensure stability and growth from cellular to system needs.  Totality is the way to go. Integrative medicine would bring together another means to make you experience the best pairing of what east and west has to offer.  If what we do helps one lengthen or strengthen telomeres, battle or neutralize freeradicals, prevent proliferation of pathogens that reflect positive ions, improve cell function and then help create stem cells or protect the DNA of your cells, then 80 would be the new average life expectancy for all.  Onward to 100 years. 

6.      What’s your wish for mankind? 

Peace and harmony to the hearts and minds of all, afterall we are one humanity.
Celebrate Life, Love and Laugh.
For each to Live A Legacy.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Top Tips For Investing In Your First Rental Property

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Considering how wealthy real estate can potentially make you, and the fact that it’s usually referred to as “passive income”, it’s no surprise that people consider it as a way to make their money. Unfortunately, like most investments, real estate is a tricky and dangerous game. If you’re not careful, you could end up losing all the money that you’ve invested. You also need to be incredibly hands-on and work hard with real estate, which is something that isn’t common with other investments. If you’re not already put off then be sure to read the tips below before you decide if real estate is for you.

1. Do Your Research
The last thing that you want to do is jump into real estate with your eyes closed. Forewarned is forearmed, so you should gather as much information on real estate investment that you possibly can. Look online, read forums and articles, speak to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other investors. You can also check out books on real estate investment, as well as the rest of the tips below.

2. Be Sure You’re Handy
There is absolutely nothing “passive” about owning a rental property, in fact, you need to be incredibly hands-on and work incredibly hard. If you don’t know your way around a hammer or a toilet plunger, then you’re going to struggle to be a landlord. You’re going to be the person to call when your tenants have a leaking tap, a stuck door, or a crack in their plaster, so it’s important that you know how to deal with these issues. Of course, you could pay someone to do this for you, but this will quickly get expensive.

3. Pay Your Debts
If you already have debts, like unpaid medical bills or student loans, then you should consider paying these off before you purchase a rental property and put yourself in even more debt. The same goes for if you’re going to have to pay out for anything large in the near future, like Christmas, a holiday, or sending one of your children to college. It’s much better to get these expenses out of the way before you even consider purchasing a property. If you need advice on how to pay off your debts, then visit

4. Have The Cash
Even if you haven’t got any current debts or large expenses in the near future, it doesn’t mean that your financial problems are over. You also need to find the money for a down payment, repairs, maintenance, and your living expenses. You can’t start a real estate empire with no money, it simply isn’t possible, so you need to consider if you are financially stable enough to purchase a rental property. You must also remember that the down payments on rental properties are usually much larger than of owner-occupied properties.

5. Increase Your Credit Score
Your credit score is going to determine whether or not you get accepted for a mortgage, so it’s important that it’s in good shape. If you don’t have a great credit score, you will need to find ways to improve it before you can even think about buying a property. A great way to start is to pay off any of those debts that I mentioned earlier. Make sure that you are actually paying this off, rather than using other loans or credit cards to pay it off. This is just moving your debt around, which won’t do you credit score any favours.

6. Start Low-Cost
If you’re new to real estate investment, then it makes sense for you to start small and work your way up to larger and more expensive properties. Find yourself a relatively low-cost property to start off with (no more than $150,000 to $200,000), and once you’ve got a tenant, and have wrapped your head around what you’re doing, you can work up to larger properties.

7. Avoid Fixer-Uppers
Fixer-uppers tend to be a lot cheaper than other properties of a similar size and in a similar area, which might make you think that they’re a better option, as they’re the cheaper option. However, this is a bad idea for your first rental property. If you don’t know what to look out for, you will likely end up having to spend a lot more money on repairs and renovations than you saved on the property in the first place.

8. Choose The Right Location
Your location should depend on the type of tenant that you are hoping to attract. For example, if you were looking to rent to students at a university, then the property should be relatively close to the university. You will also want it to be close to public transport, and plenty of nightlife. On the other hand, if you were looking to rent to a family, you would want a property with a school nearby, and in an area with low crime-rates.

9. Use A Property Management Company
Even the most experienced property owners sometimes struggle to get everything done by themselves, after all, there is a lot that goes into owning a rental property. You need to look through potential tenants and choose one, prepare the house for them, do any repairs, collect rent, and even evict tenants. Property management companies, like, can help you with all of this and can do as much or as little work as you want them to. They will also ensure that you’re not breaking any laws, which is a risk when you’re new to renting property.

There is a lot that goes into owning a rental property, and a lot that you need to consider before you even start looking for a place to buy. You need to be one hundred percent sure that real estate is right for you before making any big decisions, otherwise, you could risk losing a lot of money. Consider your financial stability and your personal circumstances; If you haven’t got enough cash coming in, or haven't got enough time, then real estate may not be for you.

Join Friend Code Program today!

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