The 3 Best Ways To Save Money Online

by - 11/09/2017 10:22:00 PM

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We all wish we could save a little extra money. Sometimes this is through putting existing money into a savings account, but other times it would be nice if we could save some on everyday purchases. Fortunately, the internet exists and provides a lot of different ways to save money online.

Cash Back Sites

These sites don’t save you money in the traditional sense, but they do reward you with cash back from your purchases. All you need to do is click on the retailer's link on the cashback site and make your purchase as normal. This will then result in a specific percentage of that transaction being paid back to you. This means you can have some money coming back to you for things you would have bought anyway, so it is a bit like free money for you. It isn’t going to be a lot, but it definitely adds up. Signing up for these sites is often free but check that you don’t register with a paid one unexpectedly. Paid sites sometimes offer a better rate of cashback but will take the first x amount in a yearly fee.

Buy Second Hand

There are tonnes of second-hand retailers on the Internet. From eBay to Craigslist, to Facebook selling, the chances are that if you want it, then someone somewhere is selling a used version of it. Instead of always buying things new, consider getting a second-hand version. Double check the quality and make sure that your purchase is protected from any funny business, but other than that you could save yourself a lot of money by buying second hand. Purchasing used books is a great way to avoid paying the high price tag on some new ones. For example, if you are starting University or College with the aims to be an accountant, become a teacher or even obtain a bachelor of medicine, then you can purchase a lot of your textbooks second hand from previous students. If you are feeling especially frugal, then you could look up the previous editions of the same book as sometimes there aren’t many changes. However, make sure you don’t need the most current one as it may contain the most up to date practices.

Search Out Special Offers

Before committing to a purchase, you should spend some time researching. Whether that is through checking comparison websites for the cheapest deal or looking for special offers. For example, if you are looking to purchase a new phone then you can look on a comparison site to see which provider offers the data, minutes and texts you want for your budget. Rather than just buying the first one you see, taking the extra time will save you a lot of money. Sometimes it can even be worth purchasing more of something if it saves you money in the long run. For example, when grocery shopping if you are looking for some rice there might be a 2 for 1offer or something similar. It is always worth the extra few minutes of research to ensure you are getting the best deal when you buy something online. Plus this can be likely be combined with a cashback site as mentioned before for an even bigger overall saving.

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