The Weird Holiday Experiences You Didn't Know You Needed

by - 11/07/2017 05:07:00 PM

The importance of change in life is something that all experts agree on. The more things stay the same, the worse it is for a person and their health. Change is good, whether it’s the route we take to work or the place we choose to visit on vacation. In fact, changing up where you go on vacation might just be the most important change of all. This is, after all, the time when you can do anything you want, so why do the same thing every year? Sun and sand are fun for awhile, but the world has more to offer than beaches and hotel complexes.

We may have our favorite holiday destinations, but every once in awhile, it’s important to try something different and experience the change we all crave. Whether we’re heading off on a whim or chasing a lifelong dream, these unusual holidays can ultimately become the best holidays of all.

Given that vacations are the one time of year when we can kick back and really do as we please, why not do something strange, experience something that helps to satiate your natural thirst for change? Below are three intriguing destinations that might just tempt you away from your standard sun-and-sun holiday, and furnish you with a truly fascinating set of memories to look back on.

Austin, Texas (USA)

75 million tourists visit the US every year because there’s something in the country for everyone. Perhaps the most intriguing of all is Austin, a liberal and vibrant city quite unlike the Texas you might otherwise expect.

The state capital of Texas, Austin is a wild ride that will keep you captivated for every minute you spend there. From booking in at the Sleep Inn & Suites Austin North East to heading out to the famous Sixth Street, you’ll fall in love with this quirky city. In among the bars and restaurants, you’ll find the fascinating Museum of the Weird, with its macabre chamber of horrors-- it’s a must-stop for any Austin traveler who has a taste for the bizarre.


Shiroishi, Japan

Of course, there’s no shortage of offbeat destinations in Japan, but Shiroishi is one that stands out even from the oddball crowd. Its Castle Park offers one of the most serene experiences in Japan, while Kamasaki Hot Spring is a fabulous day trip that will melt all your stresses away. However, both of these are just preamble to the main attraction: Zao Fox Village.

Yes, Zao Fox Village is exactly what it sounds like: a small zoo dedicated to foxes. You can feed the foxes from the feeding stations, pet them, or watch the foxes run around their enclosures with sprightly excitement. Zao Fox Valley is an experience that will put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces.

Nantes, France

Of course, France has more than its share of tourist destinations, from the chic charm of Paris to the beautiful beaches of the Cote d’Azur. However, if you want to avoid the clichéd spots and have fewer crowds to battle through, Nantes is truly the place to go. Not only is the city less busy than the aforementioned high-tourist spots, Nantes is also wildly original and fascinating to visit.

Check out the Machines de l’Ile de Nantes, a truly bizarre attraction with a 40-foot high mechanical elephant as its centerpiece. You can ride on the elephant’s back, firing jets of water at passersby as you do so. This is just one example of why Nantes is seen as France’s most offbeat -- but wonderful -- city.


So, do you think you might be tempted by some of the weird and wonderful holiday ideas mentioned above?

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