8 Ideas For Home Businesses That Can Cook Up A Storm

by - 11/17/2017 10:22:00 AM

When you want to run your own business, you may feel like your options are limited. And when you’re into all things culinary, that can cause quite a problem. Because it’s likely that you want to get creative with what you can do. On the one hand, many of the business ideas that you want to do could require a significant investment. And this could put you off if you don’t have the capital or you don’t want to raise it. On the other hand, you also have a range of online businesses you could start, but if this isn't quite your thing, you may feel fenced into a corner.

Because when food is your passion, doing something online isn’t always going to cut it. You can often want to get your hands dirty instead. So, if you want to start cooking up a storm, here are some ideas for home businesses that might be right up your street.

Catering Company

Up first, you could always consider starting a catering company. If you love to cook and you’re great at it, then this could be the perfect business venture for you. With some uniforms from somewhere like Chef Works, a handful of people willing to work with you, and a whole lot of passion, you could get started in an instant. And if you have experience in the food industry, this will feel like a natural progression for you.

Produce Supplier

Another great idea would be to become a product supplier. If you already have a veggie garden and you have a passion for growing, this will be great for you. You will need land or even an allotment to grow your produce. You could even start off on a small scale, selling vegetable hampers with a locally grown, organic angle to those in your local area.


If you love all things sweet, then you’re probably a bit of an expert baker. When that’s the case, you should definitely consider getting your Cake Boss on and becoming a master baker from home. This is definitely a simple business to set up. Starting with friends and family and spreading the word from there, you could become the one to cater to everyone’s sweet tooth cravings.

Party Planner

Slightly deviating from the actual creation of food for a moment, you could also think about becoming a party planner. If you’re super organized and you know a lot of people in the industry, this could be your perfect business. You will have a huge hand in the catering industry with a career as a planner, but you will also be covering off a wide range of hospitality industry areas too, and even acting as a host yourself.

Preserve Maker

Maybe you want something small scale to work on that you can put your own stamp on? Then a jam-making business could be great for you. Not only is it creative and involves cooking, but it could have the potential to turn into a big business. If you live in a town with a high tourist trade, this could also be a great way to sell products to those passing by.

Meal-Prep Supplier

If you’re really into clean eating, then why not think about becoming a meal-prep supplier. Right now, so many people want to be able to eat clean, but they don’t have the time or the patience to prepare all of their daily meals from scratch. If you love to cook and you have a passion for health, this could be a great venture for you. Making clean meals up for people could be your booming business idea.

Food Blogger

Okay, so technically, we did say that you weren’t necessarily looking to start a business online, but this one is slightly different. It’s something you can start in your spare time and grow into a business idea. If you love food and eating out or cooking, then why not start a food blog? It could be a great way for you to work with your foodie passion.

Food Truck

For the last point, you could think about starting a business from home, that’s technically kind of mobile too. Food trucks are hot right now. If you’re a chef and you’ve got your own style of cooking a particular cuisine that could really sell, then this is the business idea for you. You can start up with as much money as you have available and see what kind of journey it takes you on.

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