5 Places in Rome that are worth a visit

by - 2/25/2019 10:55:00 PM

Photo by Chait Goli from Pexels

Rome is every person’s destination they want to finish before they die. From being part of someone’s bucket list to actually living the dream, Rome fits it all. It is not always about the private tour Rome, but even the common prospects of roaming around the streets can be very enticing altogether. Then again, if you want to see it manage to see it all, a tour can be a great way to make friends and not miss a thing. If you are here, wondering what you can do while in Rome, we do have a list of amazing places for you.

The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine

It goes without saying that the very first thing you should visit when in Rome is The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. Much like how you visit the Eiffel Tower when in Paris, the same is for this specific spot. This majestic structure is the only remnant piece of architecture we have left of the popular Roman antiquity. This sightseeing spot was once big enough to host festivals, theatrical events, and even other festivities. Apart from the Colosseum, another spot that is a must visit is the Arch of Constantine. This beautiful arch was erected by the Senate in remembrance of the battle of Milvian Bridge and is an important spot till this day.

Vatican City

Yet another important and popular sightseeing spot around is the Vatican City. The Vatican is believed to be the smallest independent state in the world which is spread across a mere kilometer of area. The entirety of it is surrounded by the Vatican walls itself. The inside of this place is known for sport beautiful gardens and amazing sites of architecture that not many can see across other places. The majority of the tourists who visit this place tend to visit it because of viewing the museums and the great basilica.

Owing to the popularity of the place, chances are that you might have to end up spending loads of hours in the line waiting to get the ticket for the entry.

The Pantheon

Yet another one of the beautifully preserved Roman antiquity is in the Pantheon. It has been standing tall from the past 2000 years. The sturdy structure along with the caricature is what draws and entices the tourists in. It was rebuilt again in AD 80 after it experienced a fire accident. It has a 43-meter dome which sports some of the most beautiful and intricate Roman architecture that leaves the tourists awestruck. The only light source to the inside of the building is the nine-meter central opening.

Roman Forum

Next on the places to must visit when in Rome is the Roman Forum. If you want to turn back time and go back in history, this is the perfect place to relive those moments in. The place is not that stout and erects as it might have been back in history, but the demolished towers and the broken tombs and fallen columns are enough of a timestamp to show what it would have been back in the days. It is one of the most significant pieces when it comes to learning about Roman culture and history.

Trevi Fountain

Built in the 17th century, the Trevi fountain is considered to be one of the most popular sightseeing spots amidst the tourists. The tourists visiting this place never fail to throw a coin into the fountain, which is believed to be a tradition there. Often known as Fontana di Trevi in Roman language, this is supplied by an aqueduct from Agrippa. The water then flows tends to swirl around all the artificial figurines and the rocks and then finally collects into the large basin where the people throw the coins to make their wishes possibly come true.

When it comes to visiting and exploring Rome, the possibilities are endless. Given the fact that Rome has such a vivid history and culture, it goes without saying that if you plan on visiting, it should have a well-planned itinerary. The last thing you want is to visit this place and miss out on some of the most important sights around. For the best experience, try and ensure that you make all the bookings beforehand for the best deals and prices.

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