How To Tell If Your License Is Suspended!

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We hardly ever ask ourselves if our driver’s license is currently suspended.  That’s because we assume that if our license was suspended we'd know it by notification. It's possible, however, that if your license was suspended, you might not realize it. There are many reasons that your license might be suspended and, in some cases, no reason that anyone would let you know. A traffic attorney Los Angeles may be able to help you get your driver’s license back.

There are two basic categories of reasons for driver's license suspension or revocation in the United States: driving-related and non-driving related.

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Here's a list of some of the most common reasons your driver’s license may be suspended:

-Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
-Leaving the scene of an accident
-Reckless and/or careless driving
-Accumulation of points or violations
-Failure to appear in court on a summons for a moving violation or parking ticket
-Failure to pay a motor vehicle fine, surcharge or fee
-Failure to maintain proper insurance
-A conviction for a drug offense other than DUI
-Failure to comply with a child support order.
-Delinquent conduct by a minor

Whether some of these reasons might apply to you or not depends on the state where you live.

Check if Your License Is Suspended

Fortunately, finding out if your license is suspended is not that difficult. Here are three common ways to check:

Check your mailbox.
In most jurisdictions and in most cases, you will receive notification of your suspension by mail, sent to the address they have on record (so make sure they have your current one.) Be careful not to throw it out as junk mail.

Go to the DMV and get a copy of your driving record.
You might want to call the DMV or check out their website first. Some states will let you order your record over the phone or online.

Call your auto insurance carrier.
They're obviously going to know if your policy has lapsed and they will likely know if your license has been suspended for that or another reason.

Even the safest drivers make mistakes sometimes. If you’ve been charged with a traffic violation, you have rights.
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