Three Simple Money-Saving Tips for Ever Expanding Families

by - 2/05/2019 10:28:00 PM


Did you know that the cost of raising a child to 21 is estimated to be over $300,000? It’s a huge sum of money, so it’s no wonder those with ever-growing families often feel the need to tighten their belts.  

Thankfully, there are lots of ways to do it, and most of them aren’t too onerous, even for those short on time and low on energy. So, if you’re a worn-out parent to three under-5s, and you’re struggling to stay within your budget, here are three top tips you might find helpful.

Shop around for special offers

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It might sound far too time-consuming for someone who’s functioning on less than three hours sleep a night, but one of the simplest ways to reduce your overheads is by shopping around for special offers. And luckily, Google and price comparison sites have made it easy. Whether it’s comparing food prices, shopping around for car insurance, or even having a little flutter online, there are lots of resources to help you find the best deals around, no matter how obscure the product. To uncover the latter, for example, you can visit a site like, which offers plenty of information on the many offers that are out there; to discover the former, on the other hand, you’ll find this app helpful. Remember, every little help!

Keep an eye out for free entertainments 

As any parent can attest, we’d all like to do our best for our babies, and spending time with them is high on our list of priorities. That said, we want to do this in an environment that offers plenty of education, enrichment, and excitement, which means staying at home doesn’t always cut it, even if you are together. So how do you enjoy fun days out without breaking the bank, especially if you have a growing brood to accommodate? The answer is simple: you keep an eye out for adventures that just so happen to be economical. A quick Google search will help you to discover more of these than you can imagine, and it should show you the ones in your local area first. Pack a picnic so you don’t have to purchase food on-site, and you’ll be even better off at day’s end. 

Don’t shy away from second-hand purchases

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Last but not least, spend a little time thinking about how you buy. If you purchase everything brand-new, maybe it’s time to review your methods. Children, especially young ones, have no concept of whether something is new or pre-loved, and given how quickly they grow out of things, both physically and mentally, spending a full whack on clothes and toys seems rather redundant – one might even say silly! Don’t be ashamed to head across to eBay and/or Facebook Marketplace to see if the item you need can be bought second-hand, or to pop into a thrift store and have a look at what’s available. You could save a significant sum simply by being a savvy buyer. 

Isn’t it worth trying these three simple tips and tricks to see how much less you could spend?       

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