7 Skin Care Tips Recommended by Dermatologists For Acne Prone Skin

by - 2/03/2019 10:15:00 AM

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1.    Stay hydrated

Experts recommend taking up to eight glasses of water in a day optimum health. Our skin appearance is always a tell-tale sign of what is going on inside our bodies, and therefore, if we are not 100% okay inside, then it will manifest on our face through the form of acne. Taking lots of water, therefore, helps to ensure that all body processes are carried out efficiently, including having a smooth blood flow. Blood transports antioxidants and nutrients to various parts of the body including the skin which will ascertain that you have healthy, glowing skin.

2.    Use serums and creams

Serums contain vitamin C which helps in the reduction of the formation of pimples. Creams not only help to treat acne but also reduce the appearance and formation of wrinkles which helps to maintain your youthful look. Before purchasing any of these products is essential that you do plenty of research first. The 7 Best BB Creams For Acne Prone Skin: Reviews is a great place to start and to get a lot of information on acne creams.

3.    Maintain a healthy diet

Excess sugar and fats are bad for your skin and body and actually aggravate acne. To have acne-free skin it is essential that you cut down sugar and carbs from your diet, in addition to fast foods such as fries and hotdogs. Train yourself to practice a healthy diet loaded with fruit, vegetables, and protein which promotes cell growth.

4.    Exfoliate

This is a practice that is important as it enables one to get rid of dead skin cells from their body. Exfoliation helps to create a healthy glow on your skin as removing all those dead skin cells gets rid of the dull appearance that one has if they do not take care of their skin. This activity also makes your skin much smoother. Ensure that you limit the practice to only twice a week, since overdoing it may actually harm your skin.

5.    Maintain a cleanse routine

For you to reduce acne it is absolutely important that you clean your face twice a day without fail. If you work out during the middle of the day be sure to clean your face after that as well. Do not sleep in makeup, and if you have had a long day and are tempted to just sleep, use wipes to take it off. Always remember to moisturize after cleansing your face which will ensure that your skin does not produce excessive amounts of oil.

6.    Use facial masks

Facial masks are excellent for your skin, as they contain so many properties which are beneficial to them. For instance, most facial masks have hydrating and cooling properties which makes you comfortable and refreshed. Moreover, most of these masks also have exfoliating properties which help in actively reducing acne. They contain different ingredients such as papaya, mud, and grapefruit all of which contain nutrients that are absorbed by the skin.

7.    Do not pop pimples

One mistake that people often make when they have pimples is popping them. This shouldn’t be done as popping pimples only makes the situation worse and ends up creating nasty scars on your face which are hard to get rid off. Try spot-on treatment instead, as it may help reduce inflammation and swelling.

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