5 Tips And Tricks For Keeping Moving Costs Down

by - 2/01/2018 11:33:00 PM


When you are on a tight budget, moving to a new house can be a little daunting. For one, you have to consider how you will get your belongings to your new home. The idea of spending money on movers can be kinda frivolous but not having to spend a lot in getting all your stuff out of your old home to the new one without having to do most of the work is a tough task to manage. You also have to think of the moving boxes or containers that you need to purchase to place your stuff with. It can get pretty expensive, especially that some of these expenses are necessary and unavoidable. But it doesn’t have to be a lot more expensive than you think. If you know how to budget your move, you can definitely keep the cost down.

Here are five important tricks and tips to keep your costs down when moving:

1. Skip hiring a professional moving company.

If time doesn’t concern you, you can skip hiring a professional moving company. Also, if you have friends and relatives who can help you in carrying your stuff, then it would be a more cost-effective option. This way, you will only have to think of spending money for gas than paying a more expensive service to move your stuff. While hiring a moving company is fast and efficient, you can definitely save more if you do things yourself especially if you are on a budget.

2. Try using the original boxes of your furniture.

A big chunk of your budget when moving is spending money on buying moving boxes. However, if you still have the original boxes of your furniture and if you have extra ones, use them instead of getting new ones. Also, try to sort out some of the things that you no longer need so you can sell them or donate it. This way, not only will you save some space, you also get to save more money by buying more boxes.

3. Take care of your utility shut-down dates in advance.

You want to avoid paying an extra month of service especially when you no longer need it. Some companies will not prorate your bill, so consider cutting off your service in advance. That is if you don’t mind having any cable for a week or two. Before moving to your new home, try looking for the best deals for your new utilities. Most of the time, companies would give a huge discount for the first year of service.

4. Don’t forget to change your address.

Having your mail or package returned to its sender can cost you some money so it is important that you update your records in advance by changing your address in your bank, subscriptions, and other companies.

5. Consider DIY home repair.

When moving to a new home, you may find that you have to spruce up your home a little bit. This may include repairs on your spaces as well as wiring. If you can, try to do it yourself first to avoid incurring charges by hiring workers to repair your new home. If you don’t have tools, you can always borrow from a friend or from your new neighbor.

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