The Top Things You Should Do Before Moving Home

by - 2/21/2018 06:03:00 PM

Not all of us take joy in moving home, I will be honest. Buying and selling a property is stressful, but the actual process of moving is something else entirely. It is hard labour, it is tough, and it can be quite emotional. So there is no doubt that when it comes to this big life change that you start preparing ahead of time to avoid any last minute rush or mistakes on moving day. I wanted to share with you the top things you should do before moving.

Declutter your home of the things you no longer want or need

The longer we stay in a home, the more clutter and things we end up, and so when it comes to moving at the beginning it can feel like an overwhelming task. However, this presents you with an ideal opportunity to declutter your home of all the things you no longer want or need. There might be things you still need to keep and store, that you just don’t need right now, so a quick search online for fantastic storage units near me could provide you with the ideal solution. Decluttering now will help you take less when you move, and start off fresh in your new place.

Start packing ahead of time to make sure you prepared

The sooner you start packing, the easier the process will be. There will be many things in your home that you don't necessarily need right away, that you could begin to pack. Some of your clothes or shoes maybe, even ornaments and smaller pieces of furniture. This way, packing won't seem like such an overwhelming task.

Ensure you collect all the keys for your old place

We can often forget who has what key, so take time to collect any keys from your partner or even parents or friends you may have lent one too. Gather them up so you know exactly where they are ready for the moving day. You might also need to think about keys for other doors in your home and even window lock, ensure everything is there.

Have a plan

It is vital to have a plan for moving day. From the moment you want to start moving, the journey to the new place, and even when to start unpacking. Having a plan and being organized, even when it comes to occupying children or preparing food and drinks for the day, will keep you going on schedule. However, it doesn’t need to be something too complex.

Pack an essentials box for the first night

Finally, the first night can be exciting, but you also need to ensure that you have what you need to make it through the first 24 hours. Toiletries, a change of clothes, a kettle, some cups even. This is when a separate essentials box could come in handy, enabling you to function and get through the first day with ease.

I hope that these tips help you prepare in advance for when moving home.

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