Basic Wig Guidelines

by - 2/01/2018 11:11:00 PM

Ever wished your hair was longer or thicker for that special occasion? It may be your own birthday celebration, a wedding of a friend or a corporate party that you want to dress to impress more than the usual. But much to your disappointment, your hair has not grown long or thick enough to be heat-styled, colored, permed, straightened or trimmed the way you wanted to. 

Before buying your wigs for that special occasion, let me give you a basic guide to choosing your wigs:

1. Choose your type of hair

There are two types of hair used for wigs: synthetic hair and human hair. Synthetic hair is made of plastic strands which make for good wigs because it is more affordable compared to human hair. The human hair, on the other hand, offers the most natural look, feel and can be styled. 

2. Choose your hair wigs attachment

You can choose to have your hair wigs glued, press, sew, clip-in hair extensions or hair bundles to use for your hair. 

3. Choose your hairstyle and color

Check out the hairstyles and color that you think will suit your taste. You can be adventurous or just pick the wigs that can make you feel comfortable with. 

You may want to try out  wearing blonde, check these different wig styles:

blonde lace front wig

blonde bundles

That’s the basic guidelines you need before getting your own hair wigs! I hope I have helped you in choosing the best hair wigs for you.

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