5 Tips To Choosing the Most Effective Protein Powder

by - 2/27/2018 08:08:00 PM

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Protein powder has come a long way. Today, regular intake of protein powder has been associated with fitness and health. Most athletes take protein powder on a regular basis to recover their strength and build muscle. Others consume it to lose weight. Different types of protein powder can be bought almost everywhere and sometimes, it’s difficult to truly determine which one is the most effective. Luckily for you, this Protein Powder Xperts review is packed with useful information about the importance of protein powder and the different brands available. However, before you select one, you need to read these five tips to help you decide which is the most effective protein powder.
1.    Find Out Where You are Health-Wise
The first thing to do is to consult an expert and know about everything you can about your health status. Talk to either a physician or a nutritionist and get their advice on what type of protein is good for you and at what dose you should take. You should also determine if you have allergies to certain ingredients that may be included in the protein powder.
2.    Decide What Protein Type to Use
There are different sources of protein that are made into powder for easy and effective consumption. The two most common proteins are whey and soy protein. Whey protein gives you a boost of energy when you are tired or worn out. It is packed with essential amino acid and reduces your stress level. Soy protein is another great source of protein that helps reduce high cholesterol in our body. There are also other types of protein to choose from such as hemp protein, pea protein, milk protein and egg protein.
3.    Research the Brand and Product
There are a lot of different protein powder brands available in the market and unfortunately, not all of them are effective. Before deciding on what brand to use, you need to research the company and the product. If possible, read the reviews of other users or ask for a recommendation from your family and friends. You can ask your trainer for advice on what type of protein would be best for you.
4.    Match the Protein Powder to Your Needs
Sufficient and daily consumption of protein is always good for your health but you must consider what type of protein is the best to use for your current needs. A common reason for consuming protein is for muscle growth which makes whey the number one choice. If you want plant-based or vegan alternatives, steer clear of whey or any milk-based protein. Instead, use soy protein, hemp, and pea protein or rice protein. If you want to avoid certain diseases like diabetes and kidney disease, you should examine the protein powder first if it has large amounts of sugar or has lower-range of protein concentrate.
5.    Check the Ingredients for Any Fillers

Protein powder is not cheap so you have to ensure that you are buying only the best quality. There are a few things you must be wary of when choosing protein powder. First, check for any artificial sweeteners such as equal, xylitol and even Splenda. These are not good for your health. Then, check if there are added ingredients such as vegetable oils and fats. They give body to the powder but will not help with building muscles or losing weight.

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