13 Careers for People That Love to Travel

by - 6/05/2017 10:39:00 PM

Do you want a job that enables you to see as much of the world as possible? For a lot of people, this sounds like sheer bliss. Traveling from country to country and meeting new people can be the stuff of dreams. However, in today’s global world, it is a lot easier than you may imagine. There are many jobs that require you to travel far and wide, and below we will take a look at 13 of them in further detail.

  1. Construction manager – Becoming a construction manager will enable you to make a good amount of money while also benefitting from opportunities to visit different countries. Often, you will need to relocate to a location for a number of months to oversee a project.

  1. Destination wedding photographer – More and more people are traveling abroad for their wedding nowadays. They often want to take their own photographer with them. After all, they don’t want to rely on someone they know nothing about. No one wants the horror of receiving awful wedding photographs. So, as a destination wedding photographer, you can expect to visit some beautiful destinations to capture the most special day of a couple’s life together.
  1. Truck driver – If you prefer the open road to a desk job, long-haul trucking is a job that may suit you. It is also a good career if you are an introvert, as you will spend a lot of time driving by yourself. As you deliver shipments from one destination to the next, you will get to see some beautiful and unique locations.

  1. Cruise line worker – Becoming a cruise line worker is one of the easiest ways to explore various locations. You can make a living while traveling the world, all the while receiving free accommodation and food. There are plenty of different cruise line jobs available for people with all levels of experience, from performing as part of the entertainment line-up to working on the cruise ship’s reception desk.

  1. Archaeologist – As an archaeologist, you will need to travel across the world to find and preserve artifacts from past human cultures. This is an extremely interesting job. Not only will it take you to unique countries, but also you will get to explore some of the most ancient and enchanting sites. As part of your role, you will be able to take extended trips for dig and research projects.

  1. Retail buyer – Another job that can involve a great deal of traveling is retail buying. This is often the ultimate dream for any fashionista. Not only will you monitor the inventory of the store you work for, but also you will attend conferences, trade shows, and vendor meetings all over the country and even the world. After all, you will need to catch your net far afield if you are to identify consumer and industry trends and make informative decisions about what products to stock.

  1. Travel blogging – You may think that travel blogging is difficult to get into, but you don’t know until you try! You don’t need to quit your job and dive into travel blogging full-time. You can do it on a part-time basis until it takes off. A travel blog will enable you to visit unique places all over the world and share your experiences with others. What could be better?

  1. Procurement – A career in procurement is one that will often require you to travel all over the world. As a consequence of globalization, procurement professionals now need to manage supply bases across the globe. This means they need to visit different regions, from Africa to Europe, to ensure that high levels of quality are being upheld and value is being added to the organization. You can find out more about the different procurement jobs that are available at Portfolio Procurement. Don’t forget that there are also procurement positions directly related to travel, for example, managing and buying supplies for airlines and cruise ships.

  1. Diving instructor – Beneath the ocean’s surface, there is a whole other world, and you can live it by becoming a diving instructor. As a scuba diving teacher, you will get to see parts of the planet that most people never get the opportunity too.

  1. Au pair – If you know a second language and you work well with children, becoming an au pair is a no brainer. Au pairs live with a host family in a foreign country, and they provide childcare services, including homework assistance and babysitting. You will have your own room, and you will be treated as a member of the family while also getting a small salary on top of this.

  1. Geoscientist – If you are interested in the earth and its evolution, consider a role as a geoscientist. This will enable you to explore various types of bodies of water and terrain so that you can make discoveries. You will need a bachelor’s degree and a science background to make it in this role. However, it is one that is very rewarding and gives you the opportunity to travel to various locations. If you are adventurous, this is definitely a job to consider getting into.

  1. ESL teacher – ESL stands for English as a second language. There is little denying the fact that English teachers are required all over the world. By taking a job as an ESL teacher, you will get your chance to immerse yourself in a different culture entirely while ensuring that locals get to grips with your native language.

  1. Flight attendant – Last but not least, we have perhaps the most obvious travel-related job of them all. However, the list simply would not be complete without mentioning a flight attendant. This is a job that enables you to travel to different places every week. While the work can be a challenge and the hours are erratic, it is worth it, as you will see hundreds of cities you otherwise would not get the opportunity to. Flight attendants often stay at destinations overnight, so there is a bit of time to explore.
As you can see, there are plenty of different career options for anyone that wants to travel, and so you are bound to find something that appeals to you and your skill set.

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