Reaching For The Sky? A New Theme For Your Home

by - 6/19/2017 09:20:00 PM

We all want our homes to be unique, don’t we? Having a custom home that stands apart from the rest is, in many ways, the dream. But, where should you look when trying to come up with original ideas? Many of us head online and take inspiration from others. But, that doesn’t work when trying to stand apart from the crowd. Instead, you’ll have nowhere from which to gain inspiration but yourself. And, that can make things tough!

The best way to move forward is often to take inspiration from your hobbies. These will give you a starting point, and ensure you create a home that reflects your personality. Of course, people like many different things, from television and film, to space. And, a home for a space lovers is what we’re going to focus on. Incorporating a space theme is a sure way to stand apart. Plus, there are some fantastic options to make it work. Here are a few worth considering.


If space, stars, and astronomy mean a lot to you, you might want to consider opening your home to them as much as possible. Skylights are a fantastic option. Not only do they increase the amount of light you receive during the day, but they also allow you uninterrupted stargazing in the evenings. Nothing quite beats sitting in a dark room and looking up at the amazing sights above. You could take this even further, and install large patio doors which allow you to look out. You could even incorporate a conservatory space. All these steps are sure to make your home stand apart from the crowd. Plus, they’ll look amazing.


When working with any theme, it’s important to consider which materials to use. With a space theme, futuristic materials are your best bet. Metals are a good choice, as they’ll add a real spaceship vibe to your home. If you want inspiration, watch some classic shows, such as Star Trek. Take a look at the ships and think how the same materials could work in your home. Something like these aluminum shutters would work amazingly for this. If you want to go all the way, you could even get some metal floor tiles. And, don’t forget to consider your furniture, too. Looking back at those space-related shows, you often see plastic used in furniture. Stocking up plastic chairs, instead of soft sofas, may be the way forward.


As we’re thinking of your home as a spaceship, it seems only right to include some mod cons. Incorporating technology into your living space is the last step in this transformation. Incorporating surround sound speakers in your walls will look amazing. You could even use this as an excuse to invest in a wide-screen television. And, as you want this technology to become a major feature, it may be worth highlighting it in some way. Blue LED lighting underneath your television, for example, would be an excellent finishing touch.

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