Simple But Effective Ways To Save Money At Home

by - 6/15/2017 09:01:00 PM

We all need to save money, for many reasons. We might save in preparation for the day our house falls apart around our ears, and we need to spend money on putting things right again. Or maybe we see an incredible new dress we wouldn’t normally be able to afford on our meager salaries, so saving up our hard earned cash could be the only way we are going to buy it.
Saving money doesn’t only entail keeping a little back each month ready for whatever the future throws at us. There are other ways to save by managing our lifestyle and making an effort to change things at home.
So if you have your eye on a glamorous new outfit, or you need to find ways to manage your money better, here are a few tips to help you keep your hard earned money without any unnecessary costs.
Stop spending money

Yes, you may want that massive tv for your living room, and your closet might still have room for a few more shoes, but ask yourself, do you really need them? The answer should be ‘no’ so stop convincing yourself your life can only improve by making the purchase.
We waste money every day on items we don’t need, so it’s no wonder we get to the point where we struggle to pay the bills and put decent food on the table. If you are spending more time in the clothing aisle of your local store rather than the food section, you know it’s time you took a long hard look at your priorities in life. Don’t spend money you don’t have, especially if it’s on credit as you will end up in debt. It’s fine to treat yourself occasionally, but you don’t need to go overboard!
Compare prices
The joy of seeing the postman at the door is often ruined when we discover the only mail he has for us are energy bills. Your first instinct might be to hide the bill under the rug and pretend it never existed in the first place. Instead of facing the inevitable, as you are going to have to pay it some time, use a price comparison site and switch to a different provider. There are companies, such as Lumo, who promise you cheap energy, so you don’t have to be loyal to the company you have been with for the last year. After all, when did they last send you something nice in the mail?

Do other research. For example, switch your home and car insurance to another company if you can find a better deal. Also, if you are paying a monthly fee on your bank account, take your business elsewhere, and find a place with better interest rates and maybe a cash incentive for joining them.

Turn off your tv

We waste a lot of energy at home, so cut down on what you use, and spend time doing other things. You don’t always need the tv on, even as background noise, so read a book for a change or go for a walk. When not watching the tv, unplug it, and do the same with any other appliance in the house. Even keeping them on standby is going to add to your monthly energy bill, so go crazy and unplug anything that isn’t in use.
You shouldn’t leave your smartphone or tablet plugged in all day, either, so when the batteries are charged, you know what to do!

Sell your stuff
You probably don’t need every outfit in your wardrobe, and your DVD collection probably contains many films you are never going to watch again. Rather than adding new purchases to your house, start selling anything you don’t need anymore.
There are many places to make money, from Craigslist to Amazon, so compare what prices similar items are going for and be competitive. You may not make a lot of money, but at least you will be getting some cash back ready for when you want to buy something you really ‘need.’

Make a shopping list

When shopping at your local supermarket, there is always the temptation to stack your basket with items on impulse. That’s fine until you get to the checkout and discover you have overspent, meaning you either pay for your shopping with a fake smile on your face or admit you need to put items back.
Avoid embarrassment by making a shopping list before you head to the store. By doing so, you will only buy what you need, which probably doesn’t include that giant bar of chocolate just waiting to be gobbled up in a comfort eating session.
Many supermarkets now allow customers to scan their items using the store’s own handheld devices, or you could use your smartphone using a shopping app. Knowing how much you are spending as you travel around the store will allow you to put items back when you know you are in danger of bankrupting yourself!

Sign up for rewards programs

Many retailers give you the incentive to shop with them by offering you rewards. You might earn points when you make a purchase, giving you the opportunity for money off the next time you buy. So when you shop somewhere regularly, it makes sense to sign up to whatever they can offer you.
Hint: set up a new email address, so your regular mailbox isn’t bombarded by spam mail from these companies. They might have regular offers, including plenty you don’t need, so direct their messages to one convenient place.

Enlist your family
Should you have a family, you don’t want to be the only one in the house trying to save money. Therefore, encourage your family to make a habit in saving money, from unplugging video games consoles to turning the light off in rooms they aren’t using.
You need to be the role model, so while you might sound as if you are pestering somebody when they stay in the shower longer than they should, regular reminders will ensure they don’t waste water or any other energy (including your own).

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