Hot, Hot, Hot Destinations For A Perfect Summer

by - 6/21/2017 06:57:00 PM

If you’re ready to book a summer vacation, chances are you’re looking for somewhere hot, sunny, and exotic. Our tiny planet gives you plenty of choices, but you may find that some places are much hotter than you’re used to. As always, take care in the sun, wear your hat, and drink plenty of water. Now, which of these amazing locations will pique your interest for a scorching summer break away?
India has a wide range of climates and seasons, but if you time it right, you can enjoy temperatures of about 91 degrees in May. By July, you’ll se a little sun and instead cool off with the rainy season. After the rains, October can be a much more comfortable month to enjoy some sunshine and warm temperatures. There are plenty of beautiful buildings to see and a lot of coastlines to enjoy. Will India be your destination choice?

June may be the hottest month here, but it can also be the wettest! Many parts of Cuba, like Havana, are humid for much of the year. July often sees a break in the rain without a dip in the temperature, so this could be quite ideal. Cuba isn’t the closest place for most of us, so look for some dream home locations in Miami for your stopover. That way you can enjoy some sun en route to your vacation destination.

Many Europeans are choosing to retire here because the weather is pretty awesome all year round. Like the rest of Europe, August tends to be the hottest and driest month. This area is known for its magnificent beaches, but there are plenty of rugged landscapes to enjoy too. Many ancient buildings can provide a little shade during the hottest part of the day. Enjoy good food, good wine, and great weather in Cyprus this summer.

This country is well known for its exotic beaches and some very exclusive spas. It’s hot all year round here. December to February offer the driest months and a tiny dip in the temperature. This could be the most comfortable period to work on your tan. Many visitors prefer the spa resorts that offer unique accommodation rather than sticking to hotels. Go to relax, and come back feeling revitalized from all that wonderful sunlight.

Sharm El Sheik
Egypt is a very hot, dry place to enjoy the maximum sunshine. June to September are the very best months, and this can make the area very popular with tourists. It is a resort town with plenty to do along the gorgeous coastline. You can find bars and restaurants that often specialize in fish dishes for tourists. There is plenty of marine life to enjoy if you want to cool off in the water too. As always, check your local government’s travel advice to see what your requirements are.
Whenever you choose to take your sunshine-filled vacation, you can still find some wonderful choices around the globe. Grab your tickets, pack for the beach, and enjoy! Where will your summer vacation take you?

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