3 Basic Things You Can Do To Drastically Improve Your Health

by - 6/01/2017 11:52:00 PM

Our bodies were built for speed and agility, and our minds were built for focus and expansion, yet in the modern world, we rely on medication and pills to get us through the day. There are so many things that you can do to help your body and mind operate at its peak, and some things are so simple that they're just normal things you can do every day and you always have access to them, and here they are…
Go Upside Down
You only see kids standing on their heads now, but being upside down for a short period of time every day has so many health benefits. Not only is it great for realigning your posture, but it increases your blood circulation, makes you more flexible, and it’s good for your brain! A great way to get the blood flowing everywhere is to do this for a short period of time every day. You can get some gravity boots to hang onto a pull-up bar, or you can purchase an inversion table from sites like healthyinversion.com, the benefits are all there for the taking! Even if you can't afford to get any items to assist you, try and stand on your head, but do it safely!
Get In The Cold
For a lot of us, there is nothing worse than that moment when the shower blasts an ice cold stream at you for a couple of seconds. But having a cold shower aids in increasing your alertness, the cold forces you to take massive breaths, so you're bringing in more oxygen, and it increases the amount of white blood cells, which is what will help you fight infection better. Not only this, but the cold helps to seal your pores which stop your skin from clogging up. It is also a way to lose weight because the cold increases the amount of brown fat in our bodies, which is what contributes to better heart health and a higher metabolism. Your blood will also work harder to heat the extremities, resulting in increased blood flow.
Yes, it’s very simple. But we’re not breathing deeply enough. Breathing properly oxygenates the muscles and the body, which will benefit every single cell. There are people like Wim Hof who have been talking about what breathing can do for you on a cellular level, and he has broken more than 20 Guinness World Records and climbed mountains in nothing but a pair of shorts. His particular breathing method involves a sort of controlled hyperventilation, where you do balloon breathing for 30 rounds and then expel the air out of your lungs and just “be,” without oxygen in your body. Reported benefits include a stronger immune system, better focus, lowered stress, and improved sleep. Even Navy Seals do a variation on this, called box breathing before they embark on a mission. Breathing deeply and taking the time to do so every day for 5 minutes will drastically improve your life, and combined with the other two methods, you will notice that your health will skyrocket.

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