5 Easy Ways To Get More Fruits And Veg In Your Diet

by - 6/28/2017 10:17:00 PM

Everybody knows that vegetables and fruits are full of healthy nutrients for the body. However, most people find it difficult to introduce veg and fruits healthily into their diet. The typical cauliflower drown in cheese sauce, or fried mushrooms in BBQ sauce might be a way to get your five a day, but it is far from being healthy. When it comes to your diet, you need to consider two main things: First of all, are you getting all the nutrients you need – this means proteins, carb, minerals, vitamins, and a small dose of fat – and secondly are you consuming those within a healthy meal? Indeed, aside from preparing a salad or using your veg as a quick and yummy snack, it can seem difficult to think of healthy recipes with vegetables – or fruits – that do not taste like fitness food. As a result, it’s not uncommon to rely on processed sauce and sugar to turn healthy food into tasty yum. This is, unfortunately, defying the purpose of healthy nutrients. Care to find out new ways of enjoying your fruits and vegetables?

Soups Are A Life-Saver All Year Round
Soups are the best way to enjoy delicious nutrients all year round. While you may be thinking of warm root and vegetable soups in winter, don’t forget about the summer soups that can cool you down during a hot day. The Andalusian gazpacho is a favorite along the Mediterranean area as it combines the best of natural ingredients: Fresh tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber with a dash a fruity olive oil and a hint of garlic for taste. It’s difficult to resist! It’s a cold soup that you can prepare in advance and keep in the fridge until it’s time to serve. Or you can also use your fresh tomatoes in a creamy tomato soup. The homemade recipe, with roasted peppers for a tangy taste, beats the canned soup you can find in the shop every single time.

Cheat With Smart Tools
The main complaint about preparing meals with vegetables – or with fruits – is the prep time. If you still rely on the good old kitchen knife, it’s no wonder that you find it tricky to prepare your healthy meals. You need to introduce smart tools into your kitchen and your cooking routine, starting with a blender to prepare anything from a quick salsa to crushed almonds for your overnight oats. HealthyButSmart gives a fair review of the most famous blender brands and their performances if you need a hand to pick the right blender for your needs. Additionally, you can combine your blender with a spiralizer to enjoy a full range of prep options for your meals. Want healthy pasta? Use the spiralizer on your zucchinis or your sweet potatoes. Time for a chunky nutritious smoothie? Use the blender with your favorite berries!

Grow Your Own For More Excitement

Simple things can change your attitude to vegetables, such as growing your own. Indeed, you will naturally feel more excited at the idea of eating organic and healthy food if it comes from your garden. It’s more than a sense of its provenance; it’s also a feeling of pride. It’s something that you’ve produced yourself. There is no comparison; your home grown tomatoes, carrots and lettuces will also taste better than anything you can find in shops. Additionally, you are more likely to want to use them in their purest form, to enjoy their fresh taste – which is not true of everyday shop products.

How About A Veggie/Fruity Sauce?
Ketchup and other processed sauces are the worst enemies of a healthy diet. But have you considered using fruits and veg as part of the sauce? If you are thinking of preparing a nice seafood curry dish, you can consider changing the tomato or coconut sauce base for something more exotic. For instance, a mango and prawn sauce is the ideal complement to your rice or even naan bread. Or how about replacing the usual ketchup on your grilled meat by a spicy tomato salsa, that uses fresh tomatoes, spring onions, garlic, and a dash of sherry vinegar?

The Refreshing Flavoured Water
Finally, think about your drinks. While most people think of blending a fruit or vegetable juice, you could just as easily prepare fantastic flavored water. 52KitchenAdventures is a great website where you can find plenty of recipes to spice up your water. For a wake-up drink in the middle of the day, pineapple or kiwi water is a great alternative. If you’re looking for something more subtle, you can try cucumber or watermelon to get started. Grapefruit and ginger might need some getting used to if you prefer sweet tastes, but they are ideal for a warm day.

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