From Door To Car: The Most Well-Trodden Path Around Your Home

by - 6/15/2017 08:50:00 PM

Let’s focus on something a little unusual for once when it comes to talking about the home. It’s all well and good to discuss decor and design options, but sometimes, it’s important to turn your mind to practicality as well.

If you were to pick the most well-trodden route around your home, what would you say it would be? Perhaps it would be the living room to the kitchen, as you head to grab a snack while you wait for the next episode of your favorite binge watch show to begin? Or maybe it’s a less enjoyable path, such as the route from the laundry room to the bedroom to stash clothes - one of those chores few of us take much delight in.

Both of the above are good choices, but here’s an entry that might surprise you: the route from your front (or back - whichever you use as your main entrance point) to the car, and back again.

Think about it: we walk this route multiple times per day, often while juggling several items as we hastily try to ensure we have everything we need with us. It’s the route we’ll walk when we come home from the grocery store laden with bags and have to try and close car doors with our hips before walking. Given how much we use this area, isn’t it worth investing some time and thought into ensuring it’s as good as it can possibly be?

Idea #1 - Check The Surfaces

If it’s been raining, then one of the worst feelings is the sense that you could slip over at any moment. That’s why it makes sense to ensure the flooring both outside of where you park and the first few steps into your home can handle wet footsteps. The best way to achieve this is with a more textured finish, which has the additional benefit of also helping to hide dirt.

Idea #2 - Think Coverings

On the same line as the above; think of the times of year when rushing to your car is a matter of battling the elements. It might be brushing aside rain and snow; or on the flip side, getting to your car of a morning and realizing the sun has been slowly baking it. Structures like carports are a perfect solution to this problem or, if that’s outside of your budget, even a few strategically placed stand umbrellas can make a difference.

Idea #3 - Handrails & Hooks

Part of making this area easier to live with is about managing the route, which often involves - as mentioned - the transportation of objects either to or from the car. The best way of managing this is might be to install handrails and hooks at strategic points, meaning you can rest things for a moment without worrying about forgetting about them. Don’t think that these items can’t look stylish and deliberate either; cast iron is an all-weather metal that holds up to even the sternest of design scrutiny.

While it might not be the more glamorous area of your home, as the above prove, it’s still worth putting some time into considering it.

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